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What Are the Contact Details and Numbers of Outsurance Car Insurance?

Contact Details and Number for OUTsurance Car Insurance

Regardless of the choice you make, it is advisable you have direct contact with your insurance company to get the right information. Documents on their webpage may not all be updated or you may be misreading information. So if you already decided to consider OUTsurance to get insurance quote on your car, get in touch right away with one of their specialized insurance advisors.  They will show you around the different insurance packages, recommend the one suitable for your needs and answer all questions you may have. Read below to find out how to contact the company, ask for quotes, make claims and use their varied services.

Company Overview

OUTsurance Insurance Company Limited was founded in 1998 as a direct insurer offering a high quality service in the South African market. It currently provides vehicle insurance, home insurance, life insurance and business insurance in African countries, among which we find South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwend. It has also expanded to Australia and New Zealand through YOUI insurance company.

OUTsurance has positioned itself among the preferred insurers with their wide range of insurance packages, including comprehensive cover, limited cover and driver customized plans, and in particular because of their well-known OUTsurance benefits like the OUTbonus.

Contact Details

OUTsurance has its headquarters on 1241 Embankment  Road, Zwartkop Ext 7, Centurion, (0157) South Africa. P.O. Box 8443, Centurion (0046), South Africa, phone number 27126733000. Find OUTsurance Business at Shop 1&2 block one waterfront terrace Bellville (7530) South Africa, branch number 27828917193.


Through you can access information about their insurance products, check out their online documents available to both clients and non-clients and even start the claiming process online without delay.

Although you cannot get a quote online, the company offers the Contact me service. You can hence submit your contact information and the company will be soon in contact with you regarding the type of quote you selected. As a client, you can also ask for amendments to your products. You will need to provide your ID and other personal details as a pre-requisite to be contacted. The company, however, ensures clients their information shall remain confidential.

A similar service is called Contact us and it is available to every person who wants to get a quote, make a claim, amend their facility or leave compliments & complaints. A drawback here is that whatever you are contacting the company for, you will have to wait some reasonable time for their call.

. Claims Department

An easy way to contact OUTsurance Claims Department is by calling them on 08600 70 000 for any queries, claims or update in your insurance information. An insurance advisor will kindly assist you throughout the complete process. While many reviews indicate that OUTsurance customer service and follow up excels, others say just the opposite. If you are still waiting for their callback after filling in your details online, we suggest you pick up the phone and talk to a representative to avoid further delays.

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Watch out! There are various contact numbers on the web but if in doubt just check OUTsurance official webpage to get contact information. Also, before getting their service take note on ways to contact them in future occasions. Having to wait for a callback might take longer than expected when it comes to urgent issues like submitting damage or accident claims.

. OUTsurance mobile app

Available on the App Store, Google play and Window Store, this innovative tool allows clients to access insurance features and benefits. Even those who are not OUTsured can get emergency assistance at no cost. Although you might not be interesting in going for or switching to OUTsurance, it is a smart idea to download this insurance emergency tool. 

The OUTsurance mobile features:

§The Help@OUT Service: provides both clients and non-clients with 24/7 road and home emergency assistance. The callout fee and first hour of service are offered for free. Locked yourself out of the car? Have a flat tyre? OUTsurance might be able to give you a hand when you most need it.

§Pointsmen: allows motorists caught in traffic jams to call for a pointsman to alleviate traffic. When you are using the service, the app takes your location to send the pointsman wherever you are.

§For Clients: diverse options are available for clients while they are on the move. Viewing documentation, OUTbonus information, premium payment date, updating contact and insurance information and locating inspection centres and medical labs are some of the benefits you can enjoy to deal with a range of issues relating to your vehicle insurance.

. Other contact numbers

Use the following information to have your issue solved promptly:

- Sales: 08 600 60 000

Available Mon-Thur 08:00 a.m.-08:00 p.m., Fri 08:00 a.m.-06:00 p.m. & Sat 08:00 a.m.-01:00 p.m.

- Client Care: 08 600 70 000

Available Mon-Fri 08:00 a.m.-06:00 p.m. & Sat 08:00 a.m.-01:00 p.m.

- Claims: 08 600 70 000

Available Mon-Fri 07:00 a.m.-06:00 p.m. & Sat 08:00 a.m.-01:00 p.m.

- Help@OUT: 08 600 80 000 – Available 24/7

- Reporting email scams: – Available 24/7

- Fraud@OUT hotline: 08 601 02 117 – Available 24/7

- Fraud@OUT email:

Available Mon-Fri 08:00 a.m.-05:00 p.m.

- International contact number: +2712 673 3000

Available Mon-Fri 08:00 a.m.-05:00 p.m. & Sat 08:00 a.m.-01:00 p.m.

. Other Websites

  • Mobile:

  • Namibia:

  • YOUI Australia:

  • YOUI South Africa:

Final Comments

OUTsurance dares you to find a cheaper premium in the market. On this line and according to some users’ reviews, it might be a smart idea to get your quotes in other companies first and then go to OUTsurance to get a better deal. As they are a direct insurer, there are no commissions paid to brokers and your monthly premium goes directly to OUTsurance. Pay close attention to what is covered and what is not in the plan you choose and analyze possible cut you could make on your monthly premium.

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Questions and answers

I've heard something about a cheap plan if you are a good driver. Where can I get information about this plan?

Yes, it is called Safe_Driver@OUT. You can read about this cover on OUTsurance website.

I use my dad's I still covered?

You might need to check with the company the information that is included on your schedule. If you drive his car on a regular basis, then that will impact the premium.

Does the cost of the premium go up with no previous notice?

No, at least for a 1 year period. OUTsurance offers you a 12 month fixed premium.

I have been a client for many years and i want to speak to the person who deals with my outsurance car policy. I would appreciate a call from you asap.

You can request as a client of Outsurance to be contacted by sending an email with your inquiry to this address:

How caan you call me urgently please?

You can request Outsurance to phone you by sending an email with your inquiry to

My car was stolen and recovered. How can I give you my contact details?

You can call Outsurance on their phone for claims which is the following one: 860 060 000

What are the contact details for car insurance?

One of the contact details of Outsurance is its phone number, so please phone on 860 060 000 or you can go in person to the main office of the company located at 1241 Embankment road, Zwartkop in Centurion

Hi my debit order didn't go off. I would like to make a cash payment. How can i get your bank details? Regards

In order to ask Outsurance for its bank account details, you can phone on their customer service number and you will be given such information:860 060 000

Hi , can millicent call me to update my policy or it is not possible?

Outsurance can phone you on your home if you send a message in the company´s official website, where you have the chance of filling a short form with your data and request

I would like your email address. I ve used buddy but I need to send an email. Thanks

Outsurance does not have an email address, but you can phone on this number created for customer service: 08 600 70 000

Love to do car insurance, can I get a quotation?

Yes, you can obtain a quotation at Outsurance by resorting to the following number from home: 27 860 060 000 or by filling the calculator available in the company´s website

My car broke down how do i go about it now! I need to het to work,can u help me i am stuck without transport, how can the company help me?

You can use the road assistance or also called assistance on the road service that come together with the comprehensive insurance in Outsurance

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