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Can I Obtain Outsurance Car Insurance in Centurion?

If you are a resident of Centurion and are wondering whether you can insure your vehicle with Outsurance, let me tell you that the answer is yes.  With Outsurance you will be astonished to see how the company designs different options that adjust to your pocket and needs. Lets first take a look at the different types of assistance you get with this company and then the diverse covers you can choose to insure your means of transportation.

Assistance you can get if you join Outsurance:

  • Home assistance  In case you find yourself in an emergency at home, Outsurance will make sure to get their team as soon as you call them. You will have access to any type of professional you can imagine, such as  access to  a plumber, electrician, bee keeper, builder, a locksmith or a glazier. The first hour of labor and the bill for the call will be covered by the company.  Also, a security guard will be sent to your home so that you feel safe and at ease. Once again, all these expenses are fully covered.

  •  Medical and Legal assistance  In case you need medical or legal advice, you only need to pay a small premium. This means that you will have access to their legal and medical telephone in which your calls will be answered by doctors and lawyers who are there to assist you. They have a telephone line that is functioning 24/7.  And if you are having some doubts regarding the legal documentation you need to present in an accident, you can also use this phone line.  Let’s see in which cases this line will be useful:

  • -Transportation to the hospital, which includes any inter-hospital transfer and medical response.

  • - Access to a doctor and a hospital.

  • - Hospital admissions are paid. However, there is a maximum of R500

  • -Essential medicine will be arranged.

  • -The escorted returns of minors will also be arranged for you.

  • - Access to a telephonic counseling in which you will be able to talk with a psychologist.

  • -A three day starter kit will be given to you.

  • -Medication necessary to prevent  sexually transmitted diseases will be arranged.

  • -Access to HIV blood tests.

  •  Roadside assistance  If you  are in a very dangerous situation and you feel lonely, you don’t need to worry because as soon as they can the Outsurance team will be there to assist you. You only need to phone them. Of course it does not matter the distance, whether you are far or close, the team will be there right away.  And what is more, there is a towing service available while you are waiting for their team. The costs of this towing is covered by the company. And if you are having a flat tire or a flat battery, or perhaps you forgot your keys inside your vehicle, Outsurance covers the first hour of labor and all the fees.

  • You are far and need assistance? Well, in case you are 40 kilometers or more from your place  and you car breaks down,  Outsurance will get you accommodation for you to spend the night there and another vehicle.

  • Okay, now of course you are asking.. what kinds of cover does Outsurance offer in Centurion? As mentioned before, there are three covers. We will look at them in detail.

  • MOTOR LIABILITY: Did someone else caused damage to your vehicle? Or.. is it you that caused damage to a third party? Then the motor liability cover is perfect in these occasions. It might also happen that you are driving someone else`s vehicle and you don’t have to worry in this situation, since Outsurance will cover it too. You can also pay a premium that lasts 12 months.  And don’t worry about paying excesses, because the company will take care of it.  Nevertheless, it is significant to point out that this cover is efficient as long as you have already chosen the limited car insurance or the comprehensive cover.  What is more, you are  covered in cases of theft, accidental damages and accidents created by nature and fire.

  •  COMPREHENSIVE: this cover is designed for the client to save money. The good thing about it is that you are going t be protected against cover dents, scratches, hail and flood damage, fire, bumper bashings, liability claims, intentional damage and also damage caused by someone else ( a third party)

  • ESSENTIAL:  It constitutes the cheapest insurance.  You can make use of the essential cover if you have a car that is no older than five years, is not totally financed and is valued under R 100 000. Pay attention to the benefits this cover offers:

  • No need to worry about paying excess, since it will be a payment deduction as long as it is an amount of R4000.

  • The client can choose the amount of accidental damage cover, depending on the type of vehicle possessed.

  • It doesn’t matter the type of accident in which your vehicle gets damaged( fire, hail, snow, earthquake, storm, flood or an explosion), Outsurance will pay more than 40% of the value of your insured car.

  • So, having discussed all the different kinds of assistance and covers that Outsurance offers their clients, you can see that chances are that you will pay much less for the best insurance and service than you would pay anywhere else. You only need to bear in mind what are your needs and what is your budget. And based on that, you will find the correct service for you and your vehicle.

  • Below you will find the contact details of Outsurance in Centurion:

  • Address: 1241 Embankment Rd Zwartkop Ext 7

  • Phone number: 08 600 60 000

Find the best insurance of South Africa

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- Choose the excess that best suits your budget. - Save up to 20% when you cover 2+ cars with us.

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Questions and answers

How do I start a quote?

By calling them. They have operators working 24/7

Do I need to take my car for inspection?

Yes, the company need to know if there is any existing damage to it.

Does the premium decrease with the value of my vehicle?

Yes it does. The annual premium assessment takes into account the depreciated value of your car

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