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Can I get Car Insurance at Outsurance if I Live in Port Elizabeth? Prices, Telephone Number and Addresses

So you are living right now in Porth Elizabeth and want to get the best carinsurance for your car? Well, I’m glad to tell you that Outsurance is the perfect carinsurance company you have looking for. Outsurance provides you with three different options in order to insure your car in the best way possible, taking into account your needs, depending on what you want and what you can afford to pay. Let’s take a look at the different covers, so that then you can decide which suits you best:

  •  Comprehensive Cover:  This is the one chosen by most of their clients since it can fit your budget perfectly and guarantees that your vehicle is well insured. A comprehensive cover includes benefits such as the ones listed below, pay special attention:

  • Protection against fire

  • Flood and hail damage

  • Dents and scratches

  • Bumper bashings

  • Damage caused by a third party

  • Liability claims

  • Damage that is intentional, caused by someone else

  •  Motor liability cover:  You are covered against financial liabilities after you have caused a car accident causing accidental damage or loss to a third party. It also applies when you are driving a friend`s vehicle and have caused an accident. With this type of insurance you will have a liability cover of R5 million. Why is it good? Because you have a guaranteed premium for 12 months.  That’s a whole year! And the most important thing is that you don’t need to pay an excess on your personal carinsurance cover.

  • Now, if you are asking yourself if this liability cover takes care of the damages caused to your car as well, then the answer is yes, as long as you have already selected the comprehensive carinsurance (explained at the beginning) or the limited carinsurance packages. It is also important to stress that any damage cause by nature, theft, fire or accidental damage is fully covered.

  •  Essential cover:  Now if you feel that those two options cost a lot, then you might find this cover a lot more attractive to you.  If you have a vehicle that is valued under R100 000, has more than five (5) years and it is still not financed, this is the best cover. What does it offer? Let’s see:

  • If your car happens to participate  in an accident, which includes explosions, fire, hail, earthquake, snow, avalanche or rain, Outsurance pays you more than 40% of you insured value directly to you.

  • You can always choose how much money you allow to stand for the cover of your car, which of course depends on the type of vehicle.

  • The amount of money you pay as an extra, which is the excess, is deducted from your account  and what is more, but be careful that the first amount wont apply in this case. Such, is an amount of R1000 but you can raise it toR4 000 if you want. See? With this option you can save a lot of money and at the same time you can take full charge of the repair process!  Now, you might also like to know that this kind of cover, together with the accidental one and the liability insurance, are incorporated  in order to satisfy your pocket and your needs.

  • Some important facts about it:

  • If you are responsible for causing an accident and you are found responsible for it, Outsurance pays for the damage created to the third party up to R 1million.

  • If your car happens to be stolen, the direct value of it will be paid to you by the company.

  • If you are in accident, Outsurance pays for the damages up to the maximum you have chosen for accidental damage.

Find the best insurance of South Africa

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- Choose the excess that best suits your budget. - Save up to 20% when you cover 2+ cars with us.

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So as you see , you can choose the Comprehensive cover that covers all kinds of damage, the Liability that covers damage caused to or by a third party  and the Essential cover that provides thefts, accident and liability cover.

Now, if you are still wondering about the prices and if there is any promotion available that you would like to take advantage of, there is one. The R400 and the R800 quote promotions.

Outsurance offers to pay anyone R400 in cash if someone who is not a client of the company completes personal carinsurance with them. If Outsurance finds out that their quote is more expensive than what you are currently paying in another company, you get cash. And if their quote is cheaper, you also get cash through your monthly savings with them. Awesome, right? It is a wonderful opportunity if you are trying to save money.

How does the R400 and R800 work? According to this kind of promotion, the moment you supply the company with the details of your bank account, they are stored in a very safe environment. You have access to a web page that it is greatly secure and those details will be deleted once the promotion has finished.

How is the comparison between the different prices made?Outsurance makes sure to adjust its benefits and excesses in order to get as close as possible to your current contract with another company. In that way a like-for-like comparison is well made.

To conclude, if you are living in Porth Elizabeth and you were worried about getting the best quote as regards insuring your vehicle, you have found the right company to do it so. You have plenty of options to choose, which will always suit your pocket and your needs. And, as mentioned in the last paragraphs, you also have a wonderful promotion in case you doubt to switch companies.

If you are in Porth Elizabeth and want to contact Outsurance, the company is located at 66 Ring Road Greenacres and their phone number is:041 363 8148

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Questions and answers

If I become a client, is there a phone number I can access to?

Sure, there is a special line for their clients: 08 600 60 000

What if my car is very old and it is valued under R900?

As previously stated, if you have a vehicle that is valued under R100 000, the Essential cover is the one for you.

Is it safe to provide the company with all my bank account details once I get the promotion

All your details will be stored in a safe internet page and after the promotion has ended they will disappear, so don’t worry about it.

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I find it very useful the fact that they have a special phone number, which is only for their clients and for free.

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