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What Are the Benefits and Reviews of Outsurance Car Insurance?

Founded in 1998, OUTsurance Insurance Co. Ltd. was created with the objective of offering world-class car insurance service directly to South African consumers. They promise that what client will take OUT from their high quality service is fair treatment when it comes to insurance claims. The company shows a number of benefits that have positioned it as one of the leading direct insurers in the country. Despite its mixed reviews from the public, they provide the clients with a variety of benefits and they even challenge anyone able to find a more affordable rate in the market.

6 Reasons to Choose OUTsurance

OUTsurance car insurance shows a series of benefits that might make a difference for those looking for good prices and a high quality insurance service. In this line, we can highlight a number of benefits worth considering:

1. Price and Service:

Their products compete on both price and service. OUTsurance has affordable prices and works relentlessly to keep improving its customer service and claims rate. Although the company ensures that they offer the cheapest premium in the market, the customers can choose out of a wide variety of car insurance covers. They also offer one year fixed premiums and fixed excess.

2. Claims Rate:

The company ensures that the most important benefit clients will get out from the service is fair treatment when it comes to making claims. They assert that in 2014, out of 17 claims the company overturned only 2 ½ claims, which is higher than their competitors. The company certainly intends to continue working to improve that number.

3. OUTbonus:

OUTsurance bonus is a strong marketing tool. The company promises to give you back 10% of your yearly car insurance if you do not make claims in three years. The company bonus, or OUTbonus as they call it, has seen an important increase, with the first bonus given in 2001 and reaching 2.4 billion rands in 2015. There is another interesting deal for the life insurance cover:  clients can get back the full amount of the premiums paid if they do not claim for 15 years.

4. Insurance Plans:

Its product range is wide, encompassing life insurance and short-term insurance covers, such us car insurance, home insurance and business insurance. In the short-term type of insurance, the client’s need may change over time. In the field of car insurance, they offer a variety of plans targeted to costumers with different needs and even the possibility to design your own insurance plan. Also, their Save_Driver@OUT plan has been designed to reward good drivers. You can read more about the company’s plans in our article OUTsurance Car Insurance Online Quotes.

5. OUTsurance webstie:

OUTsurance car insurance offers clients the possibility to make decisions about their car insurance by simply navigating their website You have free access to information about the company’s product, to easy-to-read electronic documents in English and Afrikaans, and to the online claim process which proves to be an efficient and user-friendly way to make your claims. You can either submit your details online to get a callback from a specialized claims advisor or dial 08 600 70 000.

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6. Ongoing Growth:

Investing in your vehicle insurance is not an easy decision as you need to trust that your insurer will be there when you most need it. OUTsurance is currently a firmly established company that has, in many ways, contributed to the credibility and prestige of direct insurers in the market. It is the largest direct insurer in the South African market. The company has also shown outstanding growth since its creation in 1998, particularly in the last decade, launching OUTsurance Namibia in 2006, youi Australia in 2008, OUTsurance Life in 2010, and youi New Zealand in 2014.*

*OUTsurance owns 49% of OUTsurance Namibia, 93% of youi Australia and 93% of youi New Zealand.

What Do Reviews Indicate About OUTsurance?


An interesting and differentiating asset of the company is that OUTsurance encourages clients to rate their service by leaving honest feedback on their compliment & complaints section Talk@OUT. Launched in 2014, this is another way to strengthen the insurer’s direct relationship with their clients. This information is thoroughly analyzed and used to keep track on the different issues raised and, in turn, improve the overall performance of the company. indicates 94% as their customer satisfaction index, while the company’s 2015 report shows 88% customer satisfaction index in Southern Africa and 91% in Australasia. The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is taken from clients’ opinions after every sale, policy amendment or insurance claim. The CSI does not include reviews from social media.

Other Reviews

Despite the high customer satisfaction indexes published by OUTsurance, the independent reviews website shows 1925 compliments versus 1328 complaints for OUTsurance, resulting in a 60% satisfaction index for the South African insurer. This number positions the company below other South African insurers. Some of the most frequent complaints included not getting a callback after filling in the form online or a delay in the processing of claims.

In contrast, in the 2014 annual report of the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance statistics show a better panorama with more than 290,000 claims received by the insurer, 2/1000 out of those received by OSTI and 13.83% as the company’s overturn rate.

Summing up

In spite of the mixed opinions about OUTsurance car insurance, the company has positioned itself as one of the leading direct insurers in South Africa and currently offers clients a wide range of insurance plans and additional benefits. These include the most affordable rate in the market and a firm policy of paying valid claims supporting a promising claims rate for the insured. In addition, their constant price and bonus incentives to reduce the number of claims and traffic infractions play an important part not only a smart business decision but a valuable contribution to the insurance market. Without a doubt, these end up tipping the scales when it comes to choosing the insurance for your car.

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Questions and answers

Does OUTsurance have service plans?

OUTSurance only has two kinds of car insurance for vehicles: Essential Car Insurance and Comprehensive Car Insurance. Therefore, you will not find service plans with this company. If you really wish to opt for a service plan instead of a long-term car insurance like the ones offered by OUTSurance, you might want to check out our articles to find other options.

Can I get a total refund if I have their life insurance?

Yes, but you will need a history free of claims for 15 years.

Why is the claim process so long?

As with other insurers, the company needs accurate information in order to validate the claim.

Will I lose the bonus if I submit a small damage claim?

Yes, the OUTbonus is lost if any type of claim is submitted.

Can i request removal of road assistance service from my car insurance cover?

Yes, in order to request Outsurance to remove the road assistance, you should phone on the following number, so that you are changed the type of cover and you pay less in the long term:27 860 060 000

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