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Is There FNB Vehicle Insurance in Rustenburg?

    If you are in need of the maximum protection for a precious asset like a car, then you are looking for a vehicle insurance. There are many companies that can offer this service at a good price, but not all have a great quality like FNB, First National Bank. This is a bank that is currently located in Rustenburg, so I can start talking about the features of the vehicle insurances obtainable and the many ways to get connected to the company in your city.

Let’s start:

What is a vehicle insurance?

   It is very simple to understand its mechanics: it is a sum of money you pay on a regular basis to a bank in exchange for a protection that can be supreme, medium or basic. A company like FNB has evolved into one of the leading banks, not only because of the loans they give to the population of Rustenburg, but also because it has taken care of their vehicles as well.

    FNB has to do with a South African banking company that started working in 1930s and has incorporated several services that are really useful for its customers, apart from the insurances you will find borrowings, transactions, savings account and more.


What are the advantages?

-You can obtain a subsidy for the most complete insurance

-You can talk to someone from the company while driving your car

-You can take the vehicle to the mechanic and still not pay for that

-You can choose to analyze the assets you have free of charges

-You have chances of hiring a new car

-You can finance a waiver for excesses on the road

-You get advice from the legal field and medical area too



This is considered a medium vehicle insurances, since it gives determination and strength to those clients facing explosions, robberies and also damages caused to another party involved in an incident.


This second vehicle insurance guarantees that the client of Rustenburg will have access to the disbursements of any expenses that are generated against a third party. Moreover, if the client happens to lose the vehicle and cannot find it anywhere, the company can hire someone or a company specialized in the field and look it for you without extra charges at all. The same criteria applies when the third party cannot find their car and the client cannot make it up with its own car, so neither the client nor the third party end up losing money on a vehicle insurance


I wanted to reach this part, since you will be amazed at the many opportunities in which this vehicle insurance can help you by only paying a small amount of cash.

Here you have cases in which you are protected:

+Cases of hijacking

+When your vehicle is missing

+When you need a doctor to look out for you

+When you need to speak to a lawyer to defend you against another party

+When you require to set alight your vehicle

+When repairs must be done to your vehicle

   Another benefits clients can obtain with this third loan has to do with the buying of new keys for the car, purchasing another remote control, speaking to a secretary of the company while being in an emergency and also having access to whatever kind of fuel you prefer so as to drive your vehicle on the road. Moreover, you can be covered any sort of damage that has been accidentally caused by another person or Mother Nature. And, as a final benefit I must mention the storing service and the pulling of your own vehicle which can take place for a really good price.

   Now, before moving to contacting FNB in Randburg, how is it possible to find the best vehicle insurance? You need for that to take into consideration how safe and protected is the area where you live and the type of vehicle you will be insuring. With those sort of data you get more than enough to choose the ideal vehicle insurance.

Here you have more hints about this topic:

-Model of the vehicle you drive

+Brand of the vehicle you own

+Neighborhood in which it is parked

+Usage you give to your vehicle

+Having an updated claim record to make sure you need assistance or not on a regular basis


You need certain documentation to be attached or presented in person in order to start with the application of the vehicle insurance. It has to do with the ID you got or your passport, the license that enables you to drive in the country and the claim record. It is also essential that if you have applied for another vehicle insurance in the past you have the different statements from the bank or the insuring company. And it is compulsory that you have the majority of age, which is an obligatory requisite that is present in the contract between the client and the company.


You won’t even have to worry about not knowing how to contact the bank, since I will give you detailed data now:

In this chart you have the information you need about one of the branches of FNB in Rustenburg:

How to contactFNBin Rustenburg?

In case you would like to obtain a quote with FNB, here you have the information related to their offices and their phone numbers. Find your nearest branch.


Beyers Naude Doctor. Rustenburg

Email address

Phone Number

014 592 0332


09:00 am to 05:00 pm

Online services


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   You can also go yourself to another office in Waterfall Mall inside the Augrabies Avenue, also in Rustenburg. Its phone number is 537 3628

To conclude, having a vehicle in Rustenburg and obtaining a good cover is truly possible with the support of an excellent bank just like FNB is.

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Questions and answers

Does it exist any other way in which I can get a quote from them?

In their webpage you can fill a quick form and get a quote

Which is the cheapest option?

The third party only is the cheapest cover

What does the model have to do with the type of insurance?

The company makes a valuation based on the estimated market value of your car.

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