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Is Pretoria Eligible for FNB Vehicle Insurance?

  Do you reside in Pretoria? Do you already know about the importance of paying for a good car insurance? Yes, this is one of the best insurances you could ever get, and it is vital that you choose a good service. Thanks God in Pretoria, you have FNB, First National Bank.

   Before introducing the most important and relevant aspects of this company, let me tell you that is essential that you apply for a car insurance since there can be many experiences in which you are involved in which not only you but your motor vehicle are affected and that ends up in paying lots of money.

About First National Bank

Why is FNB so good?

In the first place, it is very crucial to point out that there have been many episodes throughout history in which the people of South Africa had to survive with more money and where there was chaos, FNB was there to help them meet their standards and cover their needs with some financial help. That is why today, FNB became the leading South African insuring company to provide services of great quality and outstanding critiques.

Before you choose your car insurance, let me tell you important pieces of data: You need documentation

Which documentation should I need?

-South African Id

-South African book


Place of residence evidence

-Driver license

    Now, there are certain facts to take into consideration before you decide on a particular car insurance and they have to do with knowing beforehand the specifics of the model of car you possess, the miles you make every day and the person that will drive it standardly.


How many insurances could I get?


Choose this type of insurance if you believe the most exclusive needs such as those of accidents, natural disasters and more need to be covered for you. Moreover, you can be protected against cases of hijacking, fraud, stealing and more instances in which you can be seriously injured or affected. I can also mention the fact that when there are explosions, earth quakes, storms and things of that degree, the company will give you its support and not only financial one but also humanitarian support is given to its clients of Pretoria

In order to state other situations in which you would need this kind of insurance let me mention that when you don’t have the fuel you need or gasoline, the company can look for someone to take what you need so that you don’t stop driving in the middle of a place you are not familiar with

You can also have a telephone line designed for users of Comprehensive car insurance, that gives you access to 24/7 service that works an emergency system for all the clients of the company, with no exception at all.


Choose this car insurance in Pretoria if you are the type of customer that thinks that protection is only needed when there is damage caused to someone else other than you. So, if you want to avoid spending lots of money by paying another person´s motor vehicle, this sort of cover is for you


    Choose this insurance if the situations that are cited in the title of this insurance are considered by you the most crucial ones and the ones you are scared that can happen to you in the meantime with your vehicle.    Moreover, it can be improved by applying for a minor premium that will extend benefits such as discounts and bonuses on further insuring services that are available at the company. What is more, when there is accidental damage, explosions, earthquakes and more, the company can still be of support and help you through those difficult times.


+You can compare with other insuring companies

+You can obtain several quotes

+You can pay in cash or debit

+You can pay waiver for excesses on the road

+You can make multiple claims

+You can go to another company and ask for a second opinion

+You can find premiums at a good price

+Negotiations between the company and other insurers

+You can pay on a monthly basis

+You can be protected against accidental damages

+You get assistance by legal field

+You get subsidy if you cannot fully pay for an insurance

    Before moving on to the contact section of FNB in Pretoria I should also stress the fact that if something happens while you are on the road with your car and you don’t know where to talk to, the company can look for the address of their best clients, so you can go somewhere familiar and talk to another client of the company while you are being assisted and your car is taken care of.

    Moreover, it is vital that the moment you are in an emergency you let the company be aware of this, so that from those 10 minutes they can send someone to assist you regardless of the place where you and your vehicle are situated.

Now, clots go to the contact section of FNB in Pretoria for a Car insurance


In the following chart you are given complete data regarding the company so that you can apply for one of the insurances or just get a quote and have an estimation of how much you would pay in the future:

Get in touch with FNB in Pretoria and obtain a quote


Menlyn Place, 87 Frikkie De Beer

Email address

Phone Number

087 736 6647


Weekdays on business times

Online services

Quote, messages and email

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   To conclude, obtaining a complete car insurance in the area of Pretoria is really possible if the clients of this region solicit an application for FNB, which has created three different covers to help them meet their necessities with their cars. It is just a matter of paying attention to each option and choosing the one they consider ideal.

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Questions and answers

Can the bank lower the different car insurances covers?

The bank will negotiate the different premiums for you, not the covers

Is it compulsory to have an international driving permit?

It is an obligation if you are driving in another country.

If I am only interested in protecting my vehicle against robbery, which one should I get?

In such case the right insurance for your vehicle would be the third party, fire and theft.

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I did not know there were FNB branches in Pretoria. Good to know it!

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