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How Can I Get FNB Car Insurance in Johannesburg?

Are you tired of worrying about possible accidents or incidents with your car? Would you like not to lose money on future damages? You need a complete car insurance, and I can guarantee you that FNB can give it to you. Yes, this company is today located in Johannesburg, the area where you live and one of the most populated area.

     For the previous reason, I will devote this piece of information to giving you the data about the many car insurances offered by FNB in Johannesburg, together with its contact details too.

What is the importance of having a car insurance?

    You might not know about it, but it is essential that you possess a nice insurance so that you forget about paying excesses or future expenses created by incidents with your car.


    Before introducing you to the most important section of the article, let me remind you that you are operating with a bank that has more than 20 years of experience in the field of covers or vehicle insurances, and is more than willing to make sure that every client´s expectations are fully met. It does not only offer car insurances but also savings account, banking accounts and personal loans to the population interested in improving its finances.

What are the BENEFITS of FNB?

-You can certainly be assisted while you are in your car

-You have complete admission to waiver on excess

-The company can offer you additional products

-You can better the experience by paying premiums

-You can get a loan with your insurance

-The policies are open and ready for you

-You can obtain quotes online or in person

-You get legal advice

-You are able to ask to be attended by a doctor

-You get emergency services



I guess you probably know what is it about and I can summarize it in two words: complete cover. That is right, you will never fell with this car insurance like there is something not covered. It can cover you against fraud, accidents, damages, natural hazards, hijacking, third party consequences and more.

Other features of it are stated here:


+Repairs done to your vehicle

+Set alight of your own vehicle

+Replacement of parts

+Replacement of multiple accessories

+Intentional damages

+New keys of your motor vehicle free of any charges

+Hail, storm and earthquake damages are well taken care of

As additional features that can make up this insurance I must cite that you have all submission to a system that works as emergency and is activated 24/7 just for you and that you can find a place where your vehicle can be kept by not paying nothing at all.


   So, if you are experiencing a robbery, if your car is in an explosion and disappears or if someone else crashed your car on the road, FNB can be there to assist you through its legal and financial advice at all times. You can also solicit for a premium and that means getting more benefits for the same price. Isn’t that great?


   I would rather prefer this kind of car insurance if you have a vehicle that is not brand new or if you consider the only instance in which you need assistance is when damaging a third party´s vehicle. So, in events in which there is a car crash, the other party gets covered in full and you don’t even have to go and talk to the other driver, since the two insures will have a conversation and keep things clear

Now, when choosing one of the stated insurances it is IMPORTANT that you have in mind what is the sort of car you have acquired, where would you drive it and how much protection will it need depending on the usage you give to it on a regular basis by going home or to work.


   It is also important to bear in mind the fact that the company will make you state how many claims you have made in the past with the other car insurance you have, so as to have a clear idea of how you manage yourself as a driver. So please, have a detailed description of your past claims, and based on that you can find the perfect car insurance based on your performance as a driver in Johannesburg.


   There are not many requirements with you should comply with, so I would briefly mention that they have to do with having documentation that is cited in your contract with FNB, such as Id, bank statement, previous claim book and driver license. It is also important that in your ID the company can observe your current address so as to send the monthly statement there.


In the chart that you can observe below, I have just written all the data you need to have in mind so as to contact the company and stop wasting time in long procedures and application:


First Place, Pritchard St & Simmonds St, Bank City,

Email address

Phone Number

011 688 9900


Mondays to Thursdays from 09:00 am to 03:00 pm

Online services

Obtaining a quote and sending messages

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- Choose the excess that best suits your budget. - Save up to 20% when you cover 2+ cars with us.

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   Another physical office of FNB in Johannesburg can be certainly located at 81 Rissik Street, whose phone number is 087 575 9404. It is open on weekdays from 09 in the morning until 06 I the afternoon, so you have plenty of time to go there in person and find answers to your questions or simply begin the typical application proces

   To conclude, having a car and giving to it the protection necessary at a good price has never been so practical and simple, with FNB. You have more than 2 car insurances obtainable, that you can read in detail and then choose the one that will less affect your pocket but the one that will give more benefits in the end.

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Everyone gets access to the same protection and prices, no matter the age.

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The comprehensive is the most complete option.

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