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Is Durban Eligible for FNB Vehicle Insurance? Queries and Quotes

Are you constantly concerned about your vehicle being damaged? Tired of not finding the perfect cover for your car?  Then you should give it a chance to FNB and get to know more about this bank and its insuring options.

How the bank became the leading financial corporation in South Africa

 If you are a resident of the South African region, you should remember the different economic recessions that affected South Africa experienced and as a consequence of those crises, how their residents needed a reliable bank to insure their properties and profits.

 With FNB you can be certain that your vehicle will be protected in every circumstance. For instance, if your vehicle gets damaged by water, storm, hail or fire, hijacked, robbed, if you need the windscreens to be replaced, or even if it’s damaged in an accident, all those situations are covered.

You will see that FBN offers a broad selection of options as regards its vehicleinsurance. So…according to your needs there is one particular cover. Let’s see:

If you have an old car, which is 15 years old or more or perhaps you have a vehicle already financed, you might want to try the Third party, fire and theft insurance. It covers cases such as third party damage and thefts. Yet, if you want more protection, you can pay a small premium and you will get protection against damages caused by nature, be that fire, explosions, hail flood or earthquakes. That’s up to your needs.

B If you are a confident driver and you are not looking for so much protection, the Third party only insurance is the one for you. As its name suggests, this represents the legal minimum level of vehicleinsurance, but you will be protecting a third party and their vehicles or property in case there is an accident caused by you. Of course as it is the least complete insurance, it constitutes the cheapest one.

If you want your vehicle to be fully protected against any kind of damage, so that you are not stressed and you don’t have to worry about it, try the Comprehensive insurance. It is extremely useful if your vehicle gets robbed, hijacked or set alight. Besides, as you are fully covered you won’t need to pay for the repair of your car or a third party`s car. Accidental and attempted damages as well as damages caused by nature such as hail storms, explosions, fire and earthquakes, are also covered with the comprehensive plan. 

  • In what other situations will the comprehensive cover be functional to the driver? When your vehicle has a flat battery that needs to be changed, when you get stuck on the road by yourself and need help or when you accidentally forget the keys inside the car. Also in cases in which your vehicle has run out of fuel and you need someone else to deliver it to you so that you can continue your trip. Last but not least, once you become their client, you will get access to a telephone number that functions 24/7 and works as a helpline.

Find the best insurance of South Africa

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- Choose the excess that best suits your budget. - Save up to 20% when you cover 2+ cars with us. - Emergency assistance 24/7, for when you need to be rescued. - Shortfall cover: for complete peace of mind when your car is financed.





- Choose the excess that best suits your budget. - Save up to 20% when you cover 2+ cars with us.

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What else do you get with FBN vehicleinsurance? Plenty of benefits! Want to know which?

  • Your company will negotiate different premiums with brokers, taking into account your needs and your pocket

  • There is an essential excess waiver

  • You will have access to a huge variety of quotes from different insurance companies and you will establish comparisons between them. Then, you decide.

  • You will get assistance on the road.

  • You will receive a free evaluation of products.

  • You will have access to open driver policies

  • You will be covered against natural disasters

  • You will receive medical and legal advice. Also psychological counseling in cases of trauma.

  • You will have access to a claim broker.

  • Possibility of hiring a car

  • You will be able to get a comprehensive subsidence

  • Once you have financed your vehicle, you will get a credit shortfall cover

So, know that we have taken a look at the different vehicleinsurances and the benefits, how can you know which insurance is the best for your vehicle? By paying attention to certain information, such as the place where you live, the place in which you leave your car at night, what is the model and the make of your car, when did you buy vehicle, who drives the vehicle, what do you use the vehicle for and last but not least, what is your claim history. By claim history the company refers as “if you have previously been in accident”.


And now..another important aspect to bear in mind, what kind of documents do you need to get car insurance? You need to submit to FBN an evidence of the place you live in your name that is no older than three months, a South African ID book or card and a valid South African passport. Moreover, you need to present a valid South African driving license or an international permission for driving abroad and an insurable asset. Once you submit those papers, you are able to insure your vehicle.

How can you contact FNB in Durban?

You can go to their office located at 116-120 Denis Hurley St, Durban, 4001 or you can phone them on 31 306 0186

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Questions and answers

Is it possible to have coverage outside South Africa?

If you pay an additional premium it is possible.

Which people are eligible to acquire FNB vehicle insurance?

As long as you have all the documents required, you are eligible

What if my car stops in the middle of the road?

You will get assistance in such case

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