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Where Can I Find Dial Direct Car Insurance in Pretoria?

Looking for Affordable Car Insurance in Pretoria?

If you are looking for inexpensive and good quality insurance and you reside in the area of Pretoria, then Dial Direct is an insurance company you may want to take into account or consider as of the best options when purchasing car insurance for your car or for any other vehicle. In the following article, you will find a brief description of the types of insurance options you can find at Dial Direct, some of its benefits and, most important of all, contact information for a couple of Dial Direct offices located in the area of Pretoria.

We highly recommend you to find out about more insurance options available in the area of Pretoria, compare rates, products and services before making up your mind on whether Dial Direct is the right car insurance company for your or not; Dial Direct representatives are the people you need to get in touch with to get the most accurate and updated information, and that is the reason why we though you would find contact information useful.

Now, let’s have a look at what Dial Direct offers in Pretoria for car owners.

Dial Direct Car Insurance

What Does Dial Direct Offer?

Well, you may think that Dial Direct only offers regular insurance coverage for your car but that is actually just one of the many insurance products that Dial Direct sells.

The truth is that Dial Direct is a well-established insurance company in South Africa and it actually sells a wide variety of insurance products together with a pack of very convenient extra services. What products does it offer? Although car insurance is most popular insurance product (generally speaking, in every company), Dial Direct also offers building insurance, watercraft insurance, personal loans, trailer insurance, life insurance, motorcycle insurance, caravan insurance, portable possessions or personal belongings insurance, home contents insurance, golf cart insurance and business insurance. 

As you can see, Dial Direct is committed to providing with the coverage you need in every area of your life; which is actually a significantly convenient characteristic, since you can hold multiple policies with Dial Diarect and have the peace of mind you need not only while driving, but also while travelling, sailing, doing business, being away from home. Dial Direct can event protect you from debt by means of its flexible personal loans that any customer can take out just by meeting the eligibility requirements for personal loans. 

Protection is endless when you think about Dial Direct and that is something not all insurance companies offer. If you are interested in more than one insurance product, then Dial Direct is the perfect option for you; they specialize in all types of insurance. To be able to see the big picture, we recommend you to visit Dial Direct’s website or get in touch with one of Dial Direct’s representatives and find out more about all these products, theirs rates, requirements, benefits and also discounts.

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Dial Direct Car Insurance in Pretoria

Where Can You Find a Dial Direct Branch in Pretoria?

If you live in the area of Pretoria, there are a couple of branches from Dial Direct you can personally walk into. Pretoria is not the only area within the province of Gauteng where you can purchase car insurance from Dial Direct. In fact, Dial Direct’s main office is located in Johannesburg.

One of the offices you can visit if you are a resident of Pretoria and are willing to purchase car insurance from Dial Direct is the one located in South East Pretoria. This Dial Direct location can be found in Waterkloof, and it can be reached over the phone by dialing out the number (012) 452-3260 or via fax, at the fax number (012) 452-3261.

However, for those interested in car insurance from Dial Direct who do not live in East Pretoria, there is also one Dial Direct location in North West Pretoria, where customers can purchase new policies and file claims. This office is located at Brooklyn Square. If you wish to get in touch with one of the representatives at North West Pretoria Dial Direct office, you should dial out the number 012 4523270.

What Time Are These Offices Open?

Both offices are open during regular office hours and claims can be made online or over the phone at any time. Most Dian Direct offices are open Monday to Fridays in the morning and in the afternoon and on Sundays only in the morning and they are generally closed on public holidays or bank holidays.

How Can I Get in Touch with Dial Direct If I Am Not Able to Visit a Branch?

If you need any assistance and you cannot visit any of your local offices, you can even reach the company via e-mail; write your message to the address and one of Dial Direct’s representatives will answer as soon as possible.

However, if your request or concern is urgent, we highly recommend Pretoria residents to visit one of the branches located in South East Pretoria or North West Pretoria. Calling one of the representatives over the phone is also a good option though you may have to wait some minutes depending on how busy lines are.

*If you believe Dial Direct does not represent the coverage you are looking for your car or vehicle, there are several other insurance companies that operate in the area of Pretoria. Some of the companies that offer vehicle insurance in Pretoria and in other areas within South Africa are the ones mentioned below.

1. Budget Insurance: one of their offices is located at the address 23 Dely Rd, Pretoria, 0081 and can be reached over the phone by dialing out the number 27 860 102 356.

2. Old Mutual: is a well-established and experienced insurance company whose main office in Pretoria is at 509 Pretorius St, Pretoria, 0007; you can get in touch with a representative from Old Mutual in this office at the number 27 12 399 1100.

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Questions and answers

Do they offer discounts in Pretoria?

To find out more about discounts please contact a local office.

Are Dial Direct, Budget and Old Mutual the only insurance options in this area?

No, there are definitely many other insurance options in Pretoria.

How can I file a claim?

You can file claims with Dial Direct online or over the phone.

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