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Where Can I Find Dial Direct Car Insurance in Gauteng? Locations, Times and Application

Do you live in Gauteng? Are you looking for the best insurance policy for your vehicle? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, you are on the right track. Dial Direct has been in the South African market since 2003. It started with short term insurance services and such services has been improving continuously. Nowadays, it is one of the leading insurance companies of the country thanks to the services it provides.

                If you reside in the province Gauteng and you are looking for pioneer insurance, please keep on reading this post. In order to give you well-organized information, we are going to develop the article into two parts. In the first one, you will get data about some of the numbers of policies available for your vehicle. And in the second part, we will reveal data about where and how you can take advantage of Dial Direct services.

                To begin with, let’s see what are the programs that you, as a Gauteng resident, can apply for:

1. Comprehensive insurance

                If you are thinking about a complete policy for your car, please take into account Comprehensive coverage. If offers protection for your vehicle not only on but off the road. If you have an accident and your car is damaged, it will be protected by Dial Direct. In case there are third parties involved in the incident, the company will also be in charge of their damage and injuries. In addition to protection against accidents, Dial Direct this policy provides insurance in case of theft or hijacking.

                As far as services are concerned, while being on the road, you can report a claim regardless of the severity of the incident. Dial Direct will provide you with different services, such as towing and storage if you vehicle doesn’t move. Other service included in the policy involves medical assistance. It is worth mentioning that in this case, only the holder of the policy will be protected, not third parties. Besides, you can also enjoy Road Assistance. This program involves assistance when there is a flat tyre and when you have problems with your keys or remote control. And last but not least, you can ask for fuel delivery.

2. BetterCar Insurance

                Apart from comprehensive insurance, which is offered by most insurance company, Dial Direct has a special program with a higher level of coverage. If your car is involved in an accident and it is damaged, this policy will give you a new vehicle, even an updated version. Bear in mind that the policy doesn’t work is your car is stolen.

                An important aspect of this policy is that not all vehicles are eligible. Actually, Better Car can be applied by owners of car whose model is less than 8 years.

3. Insurance for Vacation Vehicles

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                Fortunately, Dial Direct is not only interested in commuting. It is pioneer in providing insurance policies for vehicles used during free time. Some of these include:

-Coverage for your trailer:  you can apply for comprehensive insurance for your trailer. That is to say that it will be covered in case of accident, theft or hijacking. You can optionally get coverage against hail.

-Coverage for your watercraft: water vehicles can also be covered by comprehensive insurance. In case of accident or theft, you can make a claim to Dial Direct. It is worth mentioning that coverage works in the territories of Lesotho, Bostwana, Malawi, Zambia Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Swaziland.

                To continue with, and now you have an insight into the some of the policies available, let’s see the location of the company to talk to representatives and other ways to ask for them:

-If you live in the province of Gauteng, an office of Dial Direct can be located in the city of Johannesburg. It is exactly located at 1, Telesure Ln, Dainfern, Johannesburg, 2191, South Africa. This branch has its doors open from Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., on Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. On Sunday, the lobby is closed. In case you prefer telephone assistance, don’t hesitate to call representatives by phone dialing up 86 100 7367.

-Another way to contact Dial Direct if by phone.  The company boasts a system of phone numbers so as to assist as many citizens as possible. First, you can call 0861 91 77 72 in case you have general questions, such as regarding policies and payment methods. Secondly, if you have already chosen a policy and you want to apply for it, the line available is 0861 007 367. Those who are already working with Dial Direct and need to report a claim, the number is 0861 555 598. Besides, if you want a representative to phone you, you can use the “Need us to call us” application available in the webpage. You complete a short form and representatives will call you soon.

-And last but not least, you can contact the company by using the Internet. Dial Direct features a well-organized website that you can use to chat online with consultants. Another way to get answer to possible questions is via e-mail. You can write to the following address What is more, you can have access to online application. This means that you can choose the loan you want and start online application without going in person to any office.

                To conclude, the aim of Dial Direct is to help people who live in the province of Gauteng to have the safest trip. In order to make this possible, it offers a number of options so that you can choose the policy that best suits your need. There are programs that protect the car you use every day to commute and the vehicles you use for holidays. Let worries and problems in the hand of affordable providers… and enjoy your driving!

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Questions and answers

Does insurance policy cover tyre flat?

Yes, it does!

Can I get Third Party Only insurance?

Yes! Dial Direct has many basic policies as well.

Do repayments in charge of Dial Direct have guarantees?

Yes, they do have guarantees!

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