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Where Can I Find Office to get Dial Direct Car Insurance?

Dial Direct is a pioneer enterprise of insurance in South Africa. It opened its doors in 2003 and since then, it has been improving its services so as to provide citizens when safety while driving. In order to reach as many clients as possible, the company has brokers scattered all around the country.

                If you want to know where they are located, we invite you to read this post. What is more, you will also tips so as to get the services of Dial Direct Insurance without the need of visiting a broker in person. And finally, we will briefly develop the traits of some of the insurance policies you can have access.


Luckily, you can take advantage of many locations where to apply for Dial Direct insurance policies. Here are some them:

-One broker can be found in Johannesburg. If you live in this city and you want to have a meeting with consultant, the exact address is on the street. You can contact the office by phoning at this number: 86 100 7367.

-Another office is located in the area of Bloemfontein. It address is 97 President Reitz Ave, Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa. Here, office hours are similar to the previous one, and the branch also has a private phone number. You can dial up 51 406 2200 to make an appointment beforehand or to make questions.

-And there is also a broker in the territory of Port Elizabeth. The exact location is C J Langenhoven Dr, Port Elizabeth, 6045, South Africa. The staff is waiting for you so as to offer the most convenient insurance program, either in person or by phone calling 41 502 2662.


There are many South African citizens that are accustomed to getting everything from their homes. For this kind of clients, Dial Direct is more than ready. The company has options that facilitate the acquisition of policies by phone or via Internet. Let’s see how:

a. By phone: for the first step, that is to say to get further information about policies, the phone number available is 0861 91 77 72. If you have already chosen a policy and you want to contact the sale’s department, the line is 0861 007 367. And if you are a Dial Direct policy holder and you need to report a claim, the number available is 0861 555 598.

b. Via Internet: if you visit Dial Direct webpage, you will find all the insurance policies available with their features and benefits. You can choose one and start online application. As payments can also be done via Internet, you can get you policy in just some minutes. What is more, if you have inquiries, or you want to send comments to Dial Direct personal, you can write e-mails to the following address:


1. Comprehensive insurance

                As many insurance companies, Dial Direct offers typical policies, such as Fire and Theft Protection, Third Party Only and others, we will focus in the most complete ones. One of them is Comprehensive insurance. This coverage will provide you protection regardless of where your car is, either on or off the road. If you have an accident, you will get compensation from the insurer for damaged caused in your car and third party’s vehicles involved. You will also be covered if your car is stolen or hijacked.

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                What is more, comprehensive insurance gives you protection in case of less severe incidents. For example, if you are run out of fuel on the road, Dial Direct will be in charge of facilitating it. Beside, you can also ask for help in case you lose the keys of the vehicle or if you have problems with the remote control. A blacksmith will be there in a couple of minutes. It is important to highlight that in case of accident, the Dial Direct will cover medical assistance. This service is only applicable for policy holders and not for third parties.  

2. BetterCar Insurance

                Another complete program for insurance provided by Dial Direct is called BetterCar. If you have a new vehicle, of 8 years old or less, you can take advantage of this policy. Apart from giving protection against, theft, hijacking, accidents, flat tyres, lack of fuel and even lost key, you can get a complete new vehicle. Unless you suffer from theft, the company will replace the vehicle that has had the accident by a similar car, but a newer model. Remember that if you have an accident and you or family get injured, Dial Direct will also be in charge of medical attention, such as in Comprehensive insurance.                 

3. Insurance for Vacation Vehicles

                If you want to go on vacations and you want to be protected, Dial Direct has what you have been looking for. Let’s take a look at some of the options available:    

-Coverage for your trailer:  if you have a trailer to carry summer items or other things needed during holidays, you can have insurance for it! The comprehensive program is applicable and you can even add protection against hail.

-Coverage for your watercraft: comprehensive insurance is also available for water vehicles. You can get boats covered against thefts or accidents. The insurance can also work in the areas of Swaziland, Malawi, Zambia Mozambique, and Botswana, among others.

                Now you know some details about Dial Direct, you can be sure that you will be protected if you have to commute, drive around the country or even to go on vacation. The company has traditional policies as well as exclusive programs. It is up to you to make a balance and choose the one that best suits your needs. Drive protected and let worries for professionals.

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Questions and answers

I have a car model 2013; can I apply for BetterCar insurance?

Yes! The vehicle should be younger than 8 years.

Which is the e-mail account to ask for more details?

The e-mail address is

Is there Third Pary Only policy available?

Yes! This program is also available.

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