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What Are the Covers and Reviews of Dial Direct Car Insurance Breakdowns?

Dial Direct Car Insurance Breakdowns Covers and Reviews

Today we will study the vehicle insurance covers offered by Dial Direct in South Africa and give some thought to the importance of considering company reviews before opting for an insurance company. As a client, you want to make sure that the services provided match your expectations and are coherent with respect to your monthly premium and excess. You may also profit from the feedback and opinions other clients like you have shared about the company.

Analyzing Reviews: Why consider employee and customer reviews before getting my car insured?

Do you consider company feedback can help you make up your mind? What people have to say about the company may give you a valuable insight into how the company works and what to expect from them. What do customers have to say about Dial Direct? Find out what clients have said about the services offered by this company and learn more about statistical information in the insurance industry, including customer complaints and overturn rates.

About Dial Direct and their Vehicle Breakdowns Coverage

Dial Direct provides South African consumer with proper vehicle coverage, which encompass the following plans:

  • Comprehensive insurance keeps you protected against accidental damage to your car, accidental damage caused by you to a third party, theft and hijacking.

  • Third Party, Fire & Theft cover covers damages caused to your car due to fire and theft and damages caused to a third party.

  • Third-Party Only insurance covers costs related to damages caused to another person.

  • BetterCar insurance allows you to change your car for a newer model. You can read more about this option on

You can customize your car coverage by adding extra benefits with the following Dial Direct products:

  • Mechanical breakdown

  • Touch-up

  • Sound system

  • Canopy

  • Hail damage

  • Tyre and rim guard

What are Budget's Numbers on the 2014 OSTI Report?

The Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance (OSTI) is an independent body to which customers can refer complaints in case they feel they did not receive fair service from a given insurance company in South Africa. The 2014 OSTI Report released in May last year contains, among other data, statistical information regarding the number of complaints raised by customer and the overturn rate corresponding to the number of cases in which the Ombudsman has overturned company claims decisions.

What was the number of complaints received about Dial Direct?

The OSTI shows information about the 20 South African insurers that received the most complaints during the 2014 period. Out of the 20 companies listed Dial Direct ranked 14, with a total of 57 991 complaints directly from its customers. Out of that number, 265 were referred to OSTI; that is, 5/1000 of total complaints.

What is the overturn rate reported for Dial Direct?

While the industry overturn rate was 31%, Dial Direct's rate was 37.2%, considerably higher than the average. However, although this rate may reflect that claims have not been processed fairly by Dial Direct, it can also mean that the Ombudsman has shown considerable efforts to revert customer satisfaction in the insurance industry.

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What do Customer Reviews Reveal about Dial Direct?

Dial Direct is a renowned insurance company and it has an increasing presence on review sites. In general terms, customers show their satisfaction with the company's products, premiums and, in particular, customer service. This can give you a hint about how the company works and how reliable it is.

On, Dial Direct has received a total 533 comments in the last year. Out of this number, 245 comments represent customer compliments against 288 complaints, resulting in a customer satisfaction index of 46%. Considering that Dial Direct has only a decade of expertise in the field and that the highest ranked insurance companies received an index of 60% and 47% on, we may conclude Dial Direct is well positioned.

What is the nature of complaints about Dial Direct?

Most frequent complaints on the part of Dial Direct's customers include the following:

  • Billing and accounts

  • Feedback and response

  • Repairs and servicing

It is important to note that complaints regarding pricing account only for 1% of the total number of negative opinions. This might be an indicator that prices are fairly established in accordance with the services provided.

If you would like to read customer complaints about Dial Direct, go to

What is the nature of compliments about Budget Insurance?

  • Excellent and efficient customer service

  • Quick and straightforward response

  • High-quality claims advise and processing

If you would like to read more customer compliments about Dial Direct, go to

Something noticeable when looking into Dial Direct reviews and reviews analysis is that a good percentage of clients have initially given the company a negative qualification. However, the issue was dealt with and solved promptly by dial direct with a straight two-way communication with their customers.

Was There Any Company Reply to Customers' Feedback?

Dial Direct representatives work hard to have sad clients turned into satisfied clients. Every comment raised on hello has been replied by Dial Direct. The company seems to be doing a great job to keep up their customer satisfaction index, even so by replying to the public post both before and after having solved the issue with the customer on the phone.

How satisfied are consumers with Dial Dirtect?

Hellopeter's satisfaction scale represented by Dial Direct's customer can be broken down as follows:

  • Over the moon 10%

  • Quite impressed 29%

  • Indifferent 13%

  • Not impresses 13%

  • Utterly disgusted 23%

Summing up

Insuring your car is not only a first-priority need but a reassuring cover that will allow you to have peace of mind while you are driving. With Dial Direct, you will know that there is an experienced and specialized company behind you ready to support financial costs of any inconvenience you, your car or your family may have.

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Questions and answers

How can I contact the company?

You can call them on 0861 007 367 or leave a message on

What other insurance types do they offer?

They offer a wide range of insurance covers, including home contents, building, vehicles, medical and life insurance.

Can I get a quote online with Dial Direct?

Yes, you can get a quote on

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