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Is There Car insurance Premium Available in South Africa? Calculator and Contact Details

       In the following article I will focus with lots of details on a type of car insurance that really interests most South Africans, the Premium One. Which is why I must mention two companies in charge of producing them: Old Mutual and Absa.

So, I will first give you information about the insurances in one of the companies and then data about insurances at Absa. You will also be given at the end of the article the corresponding contact details of these excellent firms.


There are three main premium car insurances in Old Mutual, so let’s see each of them in detail:


What is this sort of insurance about?

It simply is a cover that gives you one of the most preferred protection, the most supreme one, since it guarantees drivers that their cars and their possessions will be carefully kept. What is more, any type of tragedy that could happen inside your home on in your car, will be dealt with by the company.

What are the main benefits?

-Obtaining a package for wrecked damages

-Talking to a person in the labor of mechanics

-Taking care of your car

-Requesting for a new type of wagon ASAP

-Paying the shelter in which you reside during your stay in another place

-Obtaining multiple legal advice


This package is also called the medium protection one and the reason is quite simple: you can be compensated in cases of damages, losses and also third party liabilities. The company will carefully evaluate your needs and act according to it.


Yes, only in third party liabilities will the client be able to receive care, so another person involved in an accident do not have to worry since the expenses are totally paid by Old Mutual.

Absa´s Car Premium insurances

 As has been the case with the other company, Absa has also created premium car insurances, so why don’t we take a look at them cautiously?


Tell me about it!

This is a premium insurance that will definitely meet your standards since the company can make clients feel calm and happy, since anything that goes on with their vehicles is well cared by Absa. In addition, if the driver of the car insured by Absa is guilty for causing damage, the company will pay every bill with no limitations.


Three of the most vital instances are taken care here: being in an explosion caused by your car, experiencing a robbery and also causing serious injuries or damages to someone else.


   With this sort of insurance, which is also premium, you can be sure that whatever happens on the road or in the street with your car, won’t be a problem. And you know why? Because Absa is there to sustain all the charges caused by third party damages. Moreover, if you are planning to spend your money on something else and you are saving at the moment, this option will be really awesome for those matters


Old Mutual

   If you consider yourself the sort of client that likes to be given all the data in person while been seated in an office, then go a branch in Bloemfontein, whose address is 1st floor, PHG, inside Building 196, Nelson Mandela. You can also establish a phone communication on this number: 505 2600.

You can also receive attention in person at another office in Bloemfontein, in the 172 Zastron Street, which has a phone number ideal for queries and questions you might have about these or further services provided:505 2111. You can go freely to this office on weekdays during the afternoon. Of course, this branch is not open on days like Christmas, new year´s eve, thanks giving and the list can continue.

Finally, another way to get in touch in person with Old Mutual is in their office inside the Ground floor of Old Saambou Building in the typical Charlotte Maxie. Its phone number is 406 9131 and it opens on weekdays from 09:00 am to 05: 00 pm.

Contacting Absa for a premium car insurance

     You can go in person to one of the offices located at Nelson Mandela Doctor, which opens on weekdays and has the following phone number for you to get in touch with it:401 0682.

   You can also communicate by phone and solicit the application for the premium car insurance by phoning on the following phone directly from home: 0860 000 860. You can also ask whatever questions you have about the services and the products offered at Absa without any problem.

You can also try to enter the exclusive website of the company, which has been divided into many sections that contain the main data about the premium car insurances and you also have the chance of sending a message to someone working at the company.

And now, a wonderful chart full of data you must know about the companies:

Interest rate

Old mutual: around 15%

Telephone number

 406 8000


R 638


Loch Logan Waterfront inside shop 18 on Henry Street


Pay slip and detailed ID


R 100 on a monthly era

Working hours

Weekdays on business hours

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  So, if you were searching for ideal car insurance premiums in South Africa, then please consider contacting these two companies to give you the cover you deserve. You will obtain services of great quality and you will quickly observe how your life and the lives of the people you love can change for the better with just one car insurance. A premium will mean a significant change in your lifestyle and at the same time will enable you to purchase a new car in the future, doesn’t it sound great? I know it does!!!!

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