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Are There Car insurances Available for Students? Features and Contact Details

 For those students that are worried about not knowing how to handle with a car insurance or with the chance of being approved while they make the application, let me tell you I know two wonderful companies that can really help: Santam and Mutual and Federal.

So, in the current article I will deal with different type of information worth noticing when considering to apply for a car insurance at the two companies mentioned.

 Covers carefully proposed by Santam to students:

    What is the quantity of car insurances that students can apply for?


With this type of insurance students can obtain an insurance whose guarantee is to cover these type of clients whenever they are endangered and need protection as soon as possible.

The features that make them up are:

-Protection against defense when the vehicle is not present

-There are lodgings that the drivers have access to

-Cracked cars taken into account

-Access to psychological therapy after an event

-Medical advice as well as legal one

-Paying the basic excess of the vehicle possessed by the student

-The hiring of another car is included

-Being safe in another country with your car


What can it give you?

    I must admit this is not the most complete insurance for a student, but it lets them save money in the long run by not having to pay the full car insurance. So, a third party will be insured then there is an accident or a misfortune.

I will give you now some pieces of advice related to the obtaining of a car insurance if your condition is that of a student:

+If you have just acquired a car that is not new, then a comprehensive insurance is ideal

+If you have a car that has scratches or marks from previous misfortunes, choose the second option

Mutual and Federal´s car insurances for students

Let’s discover how Mutual and Federal can really help students that aim at covering their cars: There are 3 car insurances at the moment


This happens to be just like a Comprehensive insurance since it comprehends many risks and accidents. Moreover, regardless of the content found in any of the cars or vehicles that you possess, the company can restore them or repay for them in the short term.

What are its main features?

-To protect the driver when there is third party liability

-To protect against event on the route

-To cover other drivers

-To obtain R 50 000 when the driver is not guilty of the car crash

-To replace the appliances or tools found in the car

-Getting assistance from a person from the hospital

-Assistance in cases of robberies and mugging on the street

Moreover, students when in lack of money can talk to guidance given by the company and get access to financial support and resources that will help them make ends meet and be able to sustain the car insurance of their own.


This is the second option available and it guarantees drivers that they will be able to talk to someone specialized in the legal or medical field and in that way be supported. They will be able to choose a psychologist so as to start therapy in order to overcome a painful disease or accident


Students that apply for this car insurance can obtain the simple protection they need when facing an accident, a fire explosion, a car crash, a storm, hail and more. Also break ins are considered as one of the caused that require maximum protection and can be solved right away.


This is another great option for students since it is not so expensive and enables these type of drivers to get assistance whenever they are driving their cars on the route and they need help that can come from a lawyer or a special doctor specialized in accidents or car event traumas

Contacting Santam being a student

There are multiple ways to talk to representatives of the company, among which I can mention the chance of phoning on the number created for application and inquiries, which is free and available to every citizen of the republic: on 21 915 7000. You can call any day at any time, since the company guarantees that it functions 24/7 with no exception, so you have the chance to speak directly to a professional whenever you are ready.

Inside Santam´s website you will be delighted with all the details about the car insurances that are offered just for you, which will sure convince you and make you choose the best for your car. Now look at this chart with further information of a branch of Santam:

Online services

Online given messages and the typical application

Telephone number

546 7600

Quote online

Minimums of R 300


Sportica Cres, Bellville Parl. Cape Town.


In the company´s authorized website

Working hours

From this schedule:9:00 am to 05:00 pm Mondays to Fridays

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Contacting Mutual and Federal being a student

    One of the major physical offices is situated in Cape Town, in Riebeeck Street, whose address is Triangle House and the numeration is 22. The phone number of this office is 401 6911 and functions during weekdays on business times. So, during public holidays or weekends this agency remains closed, please remember that.

    You can also enter the website of this excellent company which happens to be quite updated since their members are concerned with giving clients all the data they need with just one click from home. See how easy it is? A wonderful way to contact the company.

Summing up, being a driver and a student has never been so good, you have companies that carefully create insurances for clients with your condition, that will care about your pocket and budget and offer a car insurance which will never make you lose money.

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