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Can Pensioners Apply for a Car insurance? Features and Contact Details

  Have you recently retired? Are you now a pensioner and look for an insurance for your car? I know two companies that can deal with your situation: Santam and Mutual and Federal. These firms have developed themselves so as to provide services and products of great quality to South Africans.

Of course pensioners are not excluded from car insurances, which is why I will devote the article to talking about the different insurances offered to retired clients.

Car insurances proposed by Santam to pensioner drivers:


What can it give you?

It offers pensioners the chance of being covered whenever they want, with no limits regarding causes.

Its features are these ones, so pay attention:

-The car of the pensioner is protected when it cannot be found

-The pensioner can have access to new remote control and keys of the car

-The pensioner is offered free service and accommodation

-The pensioner has access to free accommodation

-Legal advice as well as medical are provided

-Cover in another country of the world with no exception


If there is a misfortune that happened and the pensioner cannot cope with it with its salary, then the company can give them financial support and advice for free. You won’t have to worry about the different fees generated by expenses, since the company knows your situation, has studied your case and is willing to help.


If you could not see the car in front of you because you were on a rush or it happened that the other person made a bad movement with their vehicle, then the damage caused to the third party is protected with this cover.

What suggestions can you give me?

+If you possess a novel car, then choose the first insurance

+If your car has more than 5 years choose any of the covers

+Try the third party insurance if you feel like your car is not in a good state

+If you want to protect your family choose comprehensive insurance

Mutual and Federal´s car insurances for Pensioners

Let me briefly tell you how this firm can support pensioners with its four insurances available:

1 ALLURE: it has converted into the most famous insurance that the company developed since apart from being expensive, it is worth it thanks to all the protection that pensioners receive. Moreover, there will be protection to the content located in the vehicle of the pensioner. Of course, you will need to make a list of the content you possess so as for the company to replace it with no delays or problems.

Its characteristics are these ones:

-Third person eligibility

-Accidents on the street are considered

-The third party will not need to pay

-You are given R 50 000 when another person caused the crash

-You can be given new appliances or gadgets

-Financial support can be offered to you

-You have access to speaking with a mechanic that will take care of the repair of your vehicle

-You will have access to bonuses and discounts

2 SWIFT CARE: with this insurance you have access to two important sort of care: the one given by a doctor and the one provided by a lawyer. You will be giving assistance in your home by having the chance of talking to a psychologist in case you have problems with a previous accident and cannot recover from it.

3 MOTORSURE: what pensioners like you can do with this sort of insurance is to receive the protection they need in occasions where their safety is at risk, when there occurs mugging or there is some fire on the road. Their cars and the cars of other drivers are protected with Motorsure

4 SUREWISE: this is the last option offered by Old Mutual and has to do with a way of insuring the vehicle of the pensioner in a cheap way, and by having access to medical and legal advice. I consider this one of the preferred options by most clients, since it is not the most expensive and gives you plenty of benefits in the long run for sure.

Contacting Santam if you are a pensioner

   This excellent company has carefully designed a free line for any type of inquiries that pensioners could have. So, if any questions or worries, please do not hesitate to dial up 21 915 7000 which is a line available 24/7 that enables clients to contact Santam from the comfortless of their houses.

Now, if you want to be assisted in person, you have the chance of going to a physical office in Bellville Park, inside the Sportica Cres. It is open from 09 am to 05 pm on weekdays.

And finally, there is an updated official website of Santam which has to do with data related to car insurances and the different terms and conditions that correspond to them.

Contacting Mutual and Federal

   Inside the website of Mutual And Federal you will not only be given data about the specifics of each of the insurances but you will also have access to a contact section where you can send messages and stay in touch with professionals of the company.

In this chart, you have more data about an office inside the country for those clients that want detailed data:

Online services offered

You can make use of the online application

Telephone number for free

401 6911


R 700


Cape Town. Triangle Hes. On 22 Riebeeck Street Central area


In the online application

Working hours

Weekdays on banking times

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To conclude, those pensioners that are currently driving their cars and didn’t know if they were eligible for an insurance can now be happy since not one but two alternatives are given in terms of insuring companies that can deal with their condition of a retired client. All they have to do is read in detail each proposal and choose one!

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