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How Can I Obtain Insurance for My Car in Rustenburg? Addresses and Phone Numbers

   When it comes to car insurance, one must find reliable companies that have carefully designed options that will adjust not only to what we are looking for but also to our pocket. Fortunately, if you live in Rustenburg, there are two convenient and affordable companies that match that description, Old Mutual and Hollard.

I will devote this article to provide you information about each of the car insurances these two corporations offer and the ways by which you can get in touch with their consultants.

Let me start with the covers you will find in Old Mutual:

1.COMPREHENSIVE: with this policies not only drivers get benefits but also other pedestrians and drivers that will receive protection. Pay attention to the instances in which you will be fully covered by Old Mutual: natural disasters, car explosions, robbery, hijacking and accidents. Every expense that is a consequence of those circumstances will be taken care of by the company.

2.THIRD PARTY, FIRE AND THEFT: this is a way in which Old Mutual can give you an middle protection. How? By protecting you and your vehicle against fire explosions, collisions and cases of stealing. Third party liabilities will also be taking into consideration with this cover.

3.THIRD PARTY ONLY: drivers that have really old cars or cars that do not need a lot of protection can make a good use of this cover. The only instance in which these drivers will be protected is that of a damage caused to a third party.

Contact details of Old Mutual in Rustenburg

In person

     Old Mutual has one of its offices located at Steen St, Rustenburg, 0300, South Africa.  You can call that office from home, simply by dialing up this phone number: +27 14 590 0100.

You will find another branch from this company in 209 Beyers Naude Dr, Rustenburg, 0300, South Africa. This branch opens Mondays to Fridays during business hours. And you can even call their professionals on this number: +27 14 594 8080.

By phone

Apart from visiting in person their offices you can call this number in order to get more details about their policies: 0860 93 94 93.

If it happens that you are already a client of this company and you want to make a claim by phone, please dial 0860 082 949.  These phone numbers are available during weekdays from 8 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon.

Via online: you can enter Old Mutual´s official website, which is full of information about each policy and also a section destined to making claims and obtaining quotes. Moreover, you have the possibility of sending an email to the company in order to receive a quick answer from their representatives. This is a quick and simple way of contacting the company from the comfort of your place.

     Let’s move on with the other company, Hollard. Just like Old Mutual, this company offers three types of insurance:

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1.COMPREHENSIVE MOTOR INSURANCE: with this insurance passengers as well as drivers will be covered in almost every circumstance you could imagine. For instance, they will be protected if they experience an accident while they are travelling. Or it can also happen that an earthquake strikes Rustenburg and the car gets seriously damaged. For those situations and more, such as fires and thefts, drivers and their cars will be protected with this policy.

2.COMPREHENSIVE CAR INSURANCE WITH AS YOU DRIVE: Old Mutual has designed this policy in order to make sure that if you are living on a tight budget but still want to receive full protection, that it possible. How does it work? You will receive the protection you were looking for but during a couple of miles. This means that there will be a limit of miles which will be counted on a monthly basis. Please bear in mind that when your vehicle has made more miles in a month that means you are no longer protected, so be cautious with that.

3.THIRD PARTY, FIRE AND THEFT INSURANCE: if you are worried about damaging another party´s car, this is the correct option for you. That third party will be automatically protected the moment there is a collision on the road.

Contact details of Hollard in Rustenburg

In person

You can go directly to one of their branches, which is found at Steen St, Rustenburg, 0300 or you can even phone their consultants before going to the office, on this number: 0861 22 4444.

There is another branch located at PO Box 3512, Rustenburg, 0300.  Its phone number, for you to call before paying a visit to the office, is For 014 592 1077.

By phone

 If you have recently acquired an insurance with Hollard, you have this phone number for clients that want to obtain up to date news or make claims: 0861 010 203.

If you are looking for more details about its policies or receiving a quote please phone on 0860 000 243.

Finally, if you want to apply for a policy in particular, try this number:  0861 360 360.


 You can also contact Hollard by entering its website. There, you will find data about each of the policies mentioned in this article and a section for those that would like to obtain a quote from the company.

In the same website there is a section for sending emails to Hollard´s representatives, in order to guarantee that you will get an answer to your inquiry.

      As a conclusion, it does not matter the model or the brand of your car, because if you are residing in Rustenburg, any type can apply for a car insurance and start getting the protection it deserves. You have these two amazing companies, Old Mutual and Hollard, to assist you and your vehicle. Take a look at the different policies they offer and choose the one that best adapts to your needs, you deserve to drive with tranquility!

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Sure! The companies´ representatives will guide you through that procedure

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You have their official website available

Can I insure a boat with Hollard?

Yes, any type of vehicle!

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