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Can Mafikeng Drivers Obtain Car insurance? Features and Contact Details

  Do you live right now in Mafikeng? Do you feel like your car does not have the proper protection? You need a car insurance that can assure you and your vehicle receive total protection. I know a company present in Mafikeng that can help you with the issue and make you feel more protected whenever you are driving your car.

This company is AA Insurance, and I am sure with all the data I will give you about its car insurances you will be able to find the one that is best for the model of car you possess.


    Regarding the sort of insurance that Mafikeng clients have access to let me tell you that it can be considered a quite complete one, characterized by good prices and excellent service. The company has established a fixed agreement with a lending company, Auto and General and thanks to that, it can now offer a complete car insurance.

What is it about?

   It is simply a car insurance whose interest rates as well as the monthly rates to be paid are fixed, which means that there are no chances that the company asks for a rise in them.


   The procedure of registration can be started online, that is by means of the website of the company and then receiving in your email a coupon with the amount you need to start paying for your car insurance.

What are the features of a car insurance at Mafikeng by AA Insurance?

1. You can choose between comprehensive insurance and third party insurance

2. The client can ask for protection against third forces

3. The client can be protected in cases of a robbery inside its vehicle

4. The client has freedom to ask for a second hand car in cases of accidents

5. Pulling is included in most type of car insurances

6. Third party damages are covered regardless of the type of car insurance you are paying right now

7. You have access to huge discounts on other lending services that will improve your driving experience

   Moreover, it is vital that I mention that there is another supplementary kind of protection gotten at AA Insurance for your car, and it has to do with the chance of buying the same brand of car you have but a new model, so you get to possess a more modern car by no paying extra charges. As another comment, I can tell you that the clients of Mafikeng can be protected in cases where their hospitalization as well as other care duties are needed.

   The content found inside the car of the client that lives in Mafikeng is also included in its car insurances and you want to know why? Because AA Insurance is interested in protecting not only your vehicle but also whatever is inside it. So, you won’t lose any money on a new car or in buying new content for it.


+You can insure any type of car, regardless of its brand and model

+You can insure a second hand car

+You get access to monthly installments

+The interest rates are totally fixed

+You can insure your property too

+You get discounts by making recommendations to your friends

   Now, if I were you I would go for the Comprehensive Insurance. I know that is not the cheapest alternative, but I can guarantee that with an insurance like this one you will forget about having incidents with your car.


   You can obtain a quote in person by going to a personal office of the company and also by entering the company´s official website where you can select the application or a section perfectly created by the granting of quotes based on the client’s budget. For instance, you can pay on a monthly basis an amount of R 100 if you choose mid protection for your car.


-With the Comprehensive you are at peace as every damage is covered

-You can locate your vehicle when you cannot find it any where

-Your car receives protection against whatever damage takes place

-You have chances of hiring a new car

-You have more than 21 days to look for a new car

-The company can create a different insurance to meet your needs

-Discounts are given by paying with automatic deduction or credit card

I will proceed to cover the different reviews most clients of the city that have operated recently with the company can share with us:

+The firm has a very good customer service

+The agents that compose the company can help clients with many sort of queries

+The clients that recently register receive bonuses

+Clients can repay for the insurance before hand

+There are installments adapted to the client´s profile


I will show you the easiest way to communicate with AA Insurance if you are located with your family in Mafikeng and you desperately need a car insurance to cover your new vehicle. So, you will be given the physical address of the offices of the company in your area, as well as phone lines and email addresses.

Please take a look at the next chart, filled with useful data for citizens of Mafikeng

Phone Number

0861 000 234


Mondays to Fridays from 10 am to 05 pm

Online Servuces

Application carred out online

Email Address



On Weltevreden Road. Cresta area

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   So, if you need a car insurance that can deal with the main needs you, the driver, and your car possess, then AA Insurance can be a good option to consider. Please find out more details about the car insurances available either online or by phone, and then decide if one of the three car insurances can make you happy and make you forget about future problems you can experience with your car. Possessing a car insurance today is an essential aspect of a good life style.

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