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What Kind of Car Insurance Can Find in the city of Durban? Locations and Phone Numbers

      Residing in Durban? Searching for protection for your car and you, the driver? Then stay here, I will give you the data you must have in mind to insure a car in this city. How is that possible? By making reference to two important companies in the insuring world: Absa and Old Mutual. I will give you the facts of its insurances and its contact details.



This is the sort of insurance that will give your assistance in the maxim quantity of situations you can possibly imagine. It can be an accident or a natural disaster that ruined your day and your car. Moreover, you will get a car insurance to take care of your life and also protect other passengers that are driving and next to you.


As you can prove from its name, the three instances in which YOU receive protection are the one in which there is another person involved, a fire is striking or when someone has gotten inside your car and stolen things from it.


If you are worried or hurting another driver or not being able to sustain the costs of an accident, then take a look at this insurance since it covers third party liabilities

OLD MUTUAL also offers car insurances for the people in Durban, and there are three too:


The most basic kind of insurance and the one that costs the least quantity of money. It is so cheap since it covers only one circumstance: that of damaging the car of another person, not yours. Now, it is also cheap since this insurance is typically granted to the South African population thanks to the agreement that the company has with the government, which paid for half of the insurance and so the client that doesn’t have to pay the full original price.


If you feel like the option mentioned is not enough for your needs, okay don’t worry, I have another option to recommend. With this one, you get three instances protected for a really good price, since it is considered a medium car insurance. For example, when there are explosions in your neighborhood and your car is present and gets damaged, then you get the money you need to repair for it or to replace it for a couple of days.


If you are willing to spend more money on an insurance and you really want full protection, then this cover has been created for a client just like you. I cannot tell you all the circumstances in which the company can be there for you, not only in the basic accidents that can take place but also disasters caused by Mother Nature and more.


Contacting Absa in Durban

In person

    One of the many offices of Absa in Durban is situated in the North Region, exactly at Masinga Road, and its phone number is 860 008 600. It opens during the afternoon at 02 00 pm and closed at 07:00 pm.

   Also in Durban North there is another branch, bigger than the first one, which is in Old Mill Way whose numeration is 84. Its phone is the same one as the first branch, with a slight difference: once you dial the number, the members of the company will ask you which branch you wish to speak.

By phone

    You won’t even have to move from your place since there are special phone lines available for you, so please keep an eye on this one:0860 109 693.  That line can be called without having to pay extra costs, so it is a way of communication with the company and saving some money on means of communication that are usually expensive

And, there is a number only created for data about car insurances in Durban: 0861 722 272.

Via Internet

Of course the company has created a webpage with lots of data about each of the insurances stated in the article, so that if you have a doubt you can surely clarify it. You will also find data about terms, conditions and requirements needed so as to comply with each insurance and avoid paper work and future delays on the procedure

Contacting Old Mutual in Durban

In person

You are lucky, since Old Mutual has many branches in Durban like the one mentioned in the chart:

Email Address

Physical office

40 Doctor, Xuma Street, Durban

Phone Number

175 6434

Online Services

Messages and calculation


Mondays to Fridays 09:00 am to 04:00 pm

Find the best insurance of South Africa

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Another branch of the company in Durban is in 300 Smith Street open from 08:00 am to 05:00 om, and has a special phone line you can call to: 27 31 302 5038.

By phone

    There are specific phone lines created for clients just like you, looking for extra data about the insurances and multiple services that can complement such product:0860 93 94 93.

If you already know which insurance you want to apply for, then try this phone only used for insurances: 0860 9394 93. You can call this office from 08 to 06:00 pm. And also during Saturdays on the same schedule. On public holidays or summer holidays it does not function, so please do not use it.

Via Internet

    The website created by Old Mutual is one of the most complete ones, since you not only have facts about specific covers, but you also have tips, hints and pieces of advice really useful when starting an online application.

To conclude, residing in Durban with your car and staying safe can happen if you decide to rely in Old Mutual or Absa to carefully pay attention to your car´s needs. Choose the insurance that will favor you the most and start enjoying life, you deserve it, don’t you think?

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Questions and answers

Is it possible to apply online?

Yes, you can apply for the insurance you want in the companies´ website

When can I call the free lines?

They are available 24/7

How is it possible to finance the insurances?

With cash, credit card, debit card, checkbooks and automatic deductions.

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