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What Type of Car Insurance Can Bloemfontein Citizens get? Locations and Phone Numbers

As you possibly know, we live in a world where it is quite common to see that people have no security over their cars, which is why it is crucial to possess a decent car insurance to take care of all that your vehicle and that your finances need. Fortunately, you are living in one of the biggest regions of South Africa, and I am making reference to Bloemfontein. So, why don’t we start the article, by offering you two essential companies that will help you a lot through the insuring procedure: Old Mutual and Absa?


Old Mutual´s Car insurance

This great company has developed three main insurances for those living in Bloemfontein, which are the following ones: Comprehensive, Fire and Theft and lastly Third Party Only.

What does each offer Bloemfontein clients?

1)Comprehensive: this happens to be the one that costs the most but at the same time gives you more benefits than any of the ones you already know, since you will receive protection against robberies, third party damage and more. Another great benefit you can take advantage of has to do with the possibility of receiving assistance in occasions of fire or thefts. And also, access that is immediate to services such as medical and legal ones.

 2) Third Party, Fire and Theft: the opportunity this program gives you is the chance of being protected against the loss of your car or a damage that is intentional, created by a third party. So, those charges will be taken care by the company no matter what.

3) Third Party Only: this happens to be the option that costs the least amount of money as you will receive protection whenever another person damages your car or you have something expensive that you cannot cover on your own.

Old Mutual in Bloemfontein

If interested in contacting the company in person, you can approach to one of its offices located at Nelson Mandela 106 on the first floor of the office. And it is open during weekdays on business hours. You can also make a phone call to 505 2600, which is a special number designed for citizens.

You can go to another branch of the company also in Bloemfontein, located at 172 Zastron Street, which also opens on weekdays from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm. It is closed if you go on weekends

Finally, another branch of Old Mutual is located very close to the ones I have just mentioned, specifically in Old Sambou Building, inside Charlotte Street. The phone number is the following one: 51 406 9131. You will find this branch open on weekdays from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm.

Absa´s Car insurances

This is another great company to bear in mind if you want the fullest protection for your car, since you are also given three different insurances that will know for sure how to cope with your needs, let’s watch them in full:

1) Comprehensive Cover:

What can I get from it?

Well, let me tell you that with this insurance you will also receive complete protection that can help you in situations like accidents on the road, occasional accidents with another party, damage caused on purpose to your vehicle and more misfortunes that can drive you crazy or change your mood in the blink of an eye.

2) Third Party, fire and Theft: this is usually a mid-version of insurances, since you will not pay a fortune but at the same time is not the cheapest one. But it offers great protection in three situations, just like its name suggests. So, you will be really covered against another driver, occasions of fire and also theft.

3) Third party cover: that is right, this is the most preferred by those clients that do not want to spend lots of money on an insurance and want to make sure the other party is totally insured, so for third party liabilities these clients got the protection they request for sure.

It is also recommended if clients do not possess a new car, so that an old car might be just ideal for these drivers. If you are looking to save some cents, then this option will be ideal for drivers or clients like you.

Contacting Absa in Bloemfontein

There are multiple ways to get in touch with Absa, if you are residing in Bloemfontein, which is why I have designed some paragraphs and also a chart quite complete, for you to have all at hand.

In the chart there is data about one branch:


Nelson Mandela Dr 9301

Email address

Phone Number

401 0682


Banking hours on business days

Online services

Registration and quote

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You can also find another branch of the company inside shop number 18 in the common Loch Logan Waterfront Henry Street. Its telephone number is the following: 406 8000.

    You can also establish a phone communication with the company by phoning on their free number designed for inquiries or clients that want to obtain  second product or service from this firm: 0860000 8600.

You can also make use of the website of the company, filled with data about each of the services that aim at benefiting your life in the best way possible, so it is up to you to take advantage of the several means of communication available to all South Africans.

    In order to conclude, let me remind you that these companies will never request you to pay off duties or duties related to the establishment of the company or the changes that the firm suffers. So, you will only pay for the service you are given, in this case the car insurance. I am sure that those Bloemfontein drivers will surely know to benefit from this amazing service. Why don’t you contact the company and see it yourself? You will not regret having done that for sure!!!

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