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Can Nissan Drivers Apply for a Car insurance? Address and Contact Information

  Do you currently possess a Nissan car and want to make sure your vehicle remains protected at all times? Well, thanks God you are here, I have just what you look for: a company that deserves to be called an insurance company. I am making reference to AIG Insurance, company specialized in the granting of insurances to those holders of Nissan cars.

So, this article will really help you through the insuring procedure of your most precious possession: your car.

AIG INSURANCE: just what a Nissan needs

What sort of services can you find in this firm?

This company offers a wide range of insuring services, ranging from the ones taking care of your health to repairs and things done to your car. So, you can insure whatever content is located inside your Nissan, and also insure your vehicle while being outside and experiencing an awful event such as an accident.

How can NISSA cars be insured?

    Nissa cars can receive a good protection from AIG by paying reasonable and affordable rates with the objective of getting a cover that will really protect their vehicles against multiple accidents and will also give them the chance of hiring a new car.

Most of the clients  that start insuring their cars with the company admit that one of the worst things that could happen to them is having to live without their cars, which is why AIG designs insurances that will permit them buy a new one or replace the last car for a couple of days if necessary.

    So, what can happen if you cannot find your car? Then the company will take care of at least 65% of its value and you will only need to pay each month a price of R 100 which does not mean a lot for your pocket. So for that price, the company guarantees the chance of diriving in a safe way, without having to worry about future occasions that might change your destine.

However, it is super important to have in mind that the company will not pay for charges related to the hiring or transportation of your car.

Interested in observing comments made by clients?

-The company is more than willing to pay for any cost

-You will not need to face extra costs

-You have plenty of data in the website of the company

-You can apply by phone or by email as well

-I have been answered all my questions

-I don’t have any doubts now

-You can make multiple claims

-The phone system is quite fast

-You won’t have to pay for claim making

-There exist automatic quotations to make

-There is feedback given quickly

-Few clients make critics to the way the company develops its insurances

-Insurances come together with a kind of loan

So, as you can see the clients that have integrated the company have really good comments to make to those who have doubts about incorporating to the firm or not. But that has to do with the car insurance in particular for the drivers of Nissan cars.

What about further services like the MOTOR ACCIDENT PLUS?

    I will deal with it now: it has to do with another provision found in the firm that enables future clients of the company to receive money in compensation for accidents, diseases, deaths, disabilities and also hospitalization of patients in the country.

The good things of this provision is that clients do not need to pay a lot of money, so that means that in the long term they won’t be made to deposit more money.

What are its features?

+Cover in case of disability or deaths

+50% in case of an accident in which it is shown that the driver was wearing its seatbelt

+The driver won’t be made to answer medical inquiries

+There are benefits if the accident happens on a national holiday of the country

+There won’t be any medical tests or examinations

+There are services that don’t require to pay taxes

+Pothole protect is present

+Repairs are covered

+There isn’t a limit regarding kilometers so as to be covered by the car insurance

+Retrieval that has no limits at all


I will show you with the next paragraphs as well as my chart, that it is super easy to get in touch with the different people working at AIG so as to get informed and receive more information. You can choose the medium that you find more comfortable and sticks to your personal needs. So here are the different means:

By phone

This happens to be the quickest method available since you only need to take your phone, dial up a specific number and then you can start talking to a representative so as to get answers to your questions. The phone number is 11 551 8494 and there is also another phone number which is free: 0860 111 601. Faxes are usually sent to 11 551 8500.

This is the chart I talked about so please pay attention to the different contact information found in it, since it will be really helpful for you to stay in touch:

Email address or

Telephone number

11 551 8494

Online services

Online application, sending messages


R 100 a month


1st Floor Sandown Mews West on  88 Stella Street, area of Sandown

Working hours

Mondays to Fridays 08:00 am to 05:00 pm

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   To conclude, those drivers that have bought a Nissan as their preferred car model, can find a good solution in what concerns insuring a vehicle by paying not so much money. They can apply for an insurance that will cover them in the maximum of circumstances in which cars need protection. So, what are you waiting for? Make a phone call, send an email or even enter the website of the company, you will never regret having done that.

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Can I obtain insurance by phone?

Yes, you can apply over the phone

Are clients only from South Africa?

No, but your car is protected inside the country

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You can do it

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