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Can I Obtain a Car insurance If I have a Kia Picanto? Characteristics and Contact

   If you currently possess one of the most desired models of cars, like a Kia Picanto, and you feel like an insurance can give you the protection it needs, then you need a safe and cheap one. And, I know two companies that are really good at helping Kia Picanto drivers without making them lose money in the long run.

So, let me begin the article with the information of the insurances found at the companies and also mention the contact information of these enterprises.

      What are the kind of car insurances that are ideal for a Kia Picanto at Alexander Forbes?

1 EASISURE BASIC, which not only gives you the chance of being insured in what refers to cars, but also be insured regarding the contents that are found inside the place you live. With this sort of car insurance you can be guarded any place you are and more than one party can receive the insurance with no problem at all, which is great.

There are a lot of situations in which a loan like this one might help you and give you the support you are looking for, such as the condition of a burglary, when a disaster takes place and also when there are personal problems on the road. Now, one excellent benefit you get access to is that you will not only insure your car, but also any other type of means of transportation you have at present.

2 COMPREHENSIVE FOR COLLECTOR CARS, which is an option just ideal for people that possess at present really old cars and need to give them full protection by all means. The protection is super complete, ranging from burglaries to scratches that the car might suffer.

What are the features of those insurances?

-You get guidance throughout the whole process

-You choose which type of content is endorsed

-There is a 24/7 system functioning just for clients


The followings are the insurances proposed by Santam:


What will it give me?

It will simply give you full protection whenever you don’t have the support you need and there is an accident or a serious condition affecting you and your car. It gives you the chance of accessing to a new model of car or a replacement of the one you have in just a couple of days. If you are really concerned about the accident circumstance, then this insurance can be perfect for your worries. You will be given legal and medical advice whenever you feel lost or don’t know where to go or whom to talk.

And, in the event of having a luxurious type of car, you can add a different insurance so as to maximize the protection assured. You can have access to the storing of your car and the purchase of a new one without problem.


This insurance is just perfect when another person has caused damage to your car and you need to protect your vehicle since in most cases damages are very costly.


You won’t have to worry about crashing another car on the road and having to take care of another driver, which is why you have this insurance to take care of that and avoid making the client lose money.


There are plenty of ways to contact Alexander Forbes:

-In person

There is an office in the wonderful area of East London, which is exactly located at 1st floor of Short Mill House Quarry inside the Office Park. You will find it open during weekdays on business times. And you can also call by dialing up 701 4800

-Via internet

This is another great means of communication available if what you want is to get informed from your computer, situation in which you can enter the website of the company and get all the data you want about the different loans and insurances. You will also find data related to the business times of the different offices in the country

-By phone

You can always try to phone the company from home so as to be informed from the comfort of your place, and it simply functions by dialing up: 269 0000. You can try to send a fax with the documentation that is requested in the company to start the application, whenever you dial up this number: 269 0149.

You can also take advantage of a special phone which is designed for those clients that are looking to relax on weekends and phone the company, so I assure you that the following phone will be super helpful for you:0860 911 000. Please be patient since sometimes this phone does not work properly and you need to wait for a while.

Contacting Santam

-In person

You can get personalized attention inside the company if you with your car or by foot to an office situated on Quarre Pearce Street in the second floor, whose phone number is 43 702 5000. You can find it open during weekdays from 09 in the morning to 05 in the afternoon.

-Via internet

This is another great means to bear in mind, since you can enter the official website of the company and look for the best programme available. You have the following chart so as to get informed and obtain details that only the professionals can give you, so let’s see:

Online services

Calculator and quote available

Telephone number



Starting from R 250


11 Alice Lane, Sandston


Working hours

09:00 to 05:00

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    To conclude this wonderful article, all the clients that now have a Kia Picanto car can be benefited from two great companies that will help them deal with the typical problems drivers have in their lifetime. Please make sure to read in detail what they have to offer and choose the one that you consider best. You will not regret if I can assure you.

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