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Can I Obtain a Car insurance For a Ford (Fiesta, For Eco Sport, Ranger and Figo) Contact Details

   Possessing a Ford car? Needing extreme protection? Good that you arrived here, this article will be super helpful to find all the data you need if you have that sort of car. There are two companies that really specialize in insuring the car you own: Old Mutual and Hollard.

    Let’s start with the first company mentioned in the introduction: Old Mutual

Are there many insurances available?

Yes there are:


I really recommend you trying this type of insurance, since it is the one that will give you more benefits than one you could think of, but I also know it is not the cheapest option in the market either. But, if you look at all the situations in which you can be covered, then it might amaze you: robberies, natural disasters, accidents, hijacking, and more.


Needless to say, its name already suggests the three instances in which the possessors of Ford cars can receive the assistance they need.


Yes you have read well, the case in which someone will receive protection is when the damage is caused to another driver, so the third party gets benefited.


In person

    The main office you get to know about Old Mutual is situated in Rustenburg in Steen Street. And its phone number, for you to call now, is: 14 590 0100.

Another branch, quite close to this one is situated also in the same region, whose address is 209 Beyers Naude Doctor and the phone number is the following one: 14 594 8080.

By phone

The most frequent option selected by clients that want to communicate over the phone, without taking their cars to an office: 0860 93 94 93.

Via online

    Yes, now online everything is better and the companies are in touch with new clients all the time. So, you do not waste time taking your car to the company or waiting on a phone call until someone responds to your call. Then what do you do? You take advantage of online resources such as the website of the firm, which in this case is really complete and will help you a lot.


Hollard is a company with more than 20 years in the insuring market, and works just like Old Mutual, which is the reason I have mentioned both in the article. Honestly, they are great options to consider and not to leave aside.

As it is the case with Old Mutual, 3 kinds of insurances are given to clients:


   Again, the most expensive option but if you are the type of person that travel everywhere with your car and you want to make sure you are completely protected, then this is the ideal choice to bear in mind. If it happens that you are in an accident in the middle of nowhere and your car gets stuck or something happens to you, everything will be dealt by Hollard. This will mean not paying extra bills at the end of the month.


    This is an option that stays between the most expensive and the least, but it is great since it protects you also in situations along the road, but of course the causes and circumstances are limited. Your decision upon this option or the previous one will depend on the usage you give to your car and how much you want to protect it.Now, the first option will give you coverage no matter how many kilometers, but with this one there is a maximum of 200 km away from home, so please bear that in mind when starting the application or choosing one option over another. You must consider several facets.


   We have arrived to the cheapest option, but at the same time the one the protects you against very typical circumstances that can change your life or have a negative impact upon your finances.

Contact details of Hollard to insure your Ford car

In person

I highly recommend this option since you can go with your car to a branch in Steen Street in Rustenburg, take flyers with data and also speak to members of the company. But if you want to call this same office you can dial up this number: 0861 22 4444.

Take a look at another branch also in Rustenburg in PO BOX 3512. You can call this office and speak directly to a member to this number: 014 592 1077.

By phone

    This is an ideal option if you wish to speak on the phone to a member and get a reply quickly. Needless to say this phone is free so you won’t have to pay duties for speaking on the phone: 0861 010 203.

If you are trying to get a quote, please let me recommend you the special phone for such matters: 0860 000 243.

And, if you already know which is the policy that interests you the most, then please take a look at this phone number, designed just for you:0861 360 360.


This is the most comfortable way of getting in touch with the company, so that if you need more details, you will find them in the official webpage of the company, which is constantly updated with the latest information.

In this chart you will be really informed and be able to contact the firm as soon as possible:


Online services

Information about loans and insurances

Telephone number

11 351 5000


R 200 at least


1 Federation Road,  in Parktown

Email address

Working hours

Weekdays from 09:30 am to 05:00 pm

Find the best insurance of South Africa

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   Summing up, insuring a Ford car has never been so easy, with two of the greatest companies in the countries to make sure that not only your beautiful car but also you and third parties are protected at a good price.

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