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Are There Car insurances for Bmw 3 series? Contact Section and Features

    In the article you will read just now, I will happily give you all the information you need regarding the different insurances you have access to if you possess a BMW car and want the fullest protection for it.

You will not only be offered one insurance, but more than two, so that based on your income you can choose the want that best fits your needs and those of your precious car. There is one company that takes care of this series of car: African Independent Insurance.

So, why don’t we talk about it?

This a company specialized in the field of insurances and not only insurances for cars but also for houses, businesses and more.

Is there an office?

Okay, if interested in knowing that, let me tell you there is one office, called the central one, which is in Charterland Avenue 1567 in Selcourt. So, if you are near that area please go and help yourself by asking their professionals all the questions you possibly have.


This is a reliable company, of course, but you need to know that it gives insurances for cars because of its agreement with other car companies. That way the company’s guarantees to offer insurances that are reliable and that are lawful. There also exists the chance of entering the Gold Club of the company, which consists in becoming a new customer and getting access to discounts and premiums on whatever service or product you would like to attain.

   Would you like to know its features?

A.Being able to take your vehicle whenever you need and that covers a distance of about 100 kms

B.Cases of pulling of your car and also being able to transport it to the mechanic for future labor

C.Receiving the proper assistance and getting up to R 500 for repairs or expenses that you must pay because of incidents or accidents that took place.

D.Getting a new car in case yours is no longer working

E.Protection against damages created by Mother Nature

F.Assistance that can be the legal one and also the one gotten by doctors at hospitals

G.Being able to go back home after an accident and not having to pay for the service

H.Informing your family about a situation you had on the street or a misfortune that took place

This is a company really focused on improving the customer´s experience, which is why all the doubts and the questions that clients or future clients have are well responded and there are no delays or having to waits tons of time for that, for sure not. Most customers mention that the moment they take their phone and dial up the number for customer service, their calls are answered and they are directly transferred to the area they wish to converse. It is vital to take a look at reviews like these ones, since they give clients calmness that they are choosing a good company that will never let its clients alone when bad things happen or when their economies are not okay.

Before I focus on giving you the contact information of the company I would like to mention a few facts more:

-This is a company joined with other insurers

-The policies offered comprehend many circumstances

-The rates will be fixed

-You have many chances regarding payments

-There are only good reviews made by customers

-You can get a quote without having to hold a lot

-The company will never judge you

-You can also get a loan if you need more money along the way of the insurance, and your credit record will never be affected

-Getting access to bonuses and paying less money at the end of the insurance

-Discounts on new cars, great right?


Yes, it is wonderful if you are fan of technology since you can take advantage of it, take your computer or laptop and get into the official website of the company. What will you find there? A lot of data about minor details of their insurances and also a special section devoted to the taking care of your vehicle once you bought it. So, you get two things: pieces of advice and recommendations. As said before, most possessors OD BMW focus on obtaining a good insurance and they prefer this company over others.

Calculator to use

I will remind you first that you will never pay for such service and that if you choose the most complete insurance you will pay approximately an amount of R 200, plus taxes.


Yes, it’s time to contact the members of the company and there are many resources available, which is why I have designed a special paragraph and also a chart with data you might like to know:

By phone

Take your phone and dial up quickly a number for customer service that assures you to transfer quickly to a representative: 0861 001 002. That number is useful for any type of inquiry you might have at present and you can also send a fax if you choose this number: 0865 002 533. You can send the documentation to that number too.

And here is the chart I talked about, which is divided into useful sections just for you.

Email address

Telephone number

A toll number: 0861 001 003

Online services

Filling a simple form with your individual and monetary data


66 Charterland Av. Selcourt in the section of Springs

Working hours

Weekdays during 09:00 am to 03:30 pm

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   In order to finish with this article, let me tell you that if you spent lots of money trying to buy such a nice and expensive car, then what it deserves is the best quality in terms of insuring services, so you have two options in mind that can really help you stay protected and forget about worries. Contact the two them and choose you the one that you like the most.

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