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Are There Budget Car Insurance in South Africa? Quotes and Phone Numbers

Budget Car Insurance South Africa

Low costs for an excellent service

About the company

Budget has been on the market for more than 10 years offering South Africans a wide range of insurance products with low premiums and low costs for extra coverages such as funeral expenses, personal accidents, and small car repairs.

This company is renowned for its excellent telephonic assistance, its interesting extra benefits, and its wide coverage in all its products namely, car insurance, buildings insurance, home contents insurance, portable possessions, business insurance, life insurance, value added products, budget saver, personal loans, designated driver assistance, and cash back bonus.

Car insurance

Having a car and driving in South Africa is such a risk factor nowadays. Statistics show that there has been a dramatic increase in traffic and a worrying deterioration of the roads, which are two of the main causes of car accidents. All these risks call for a car insurance to protect you against unexpected events and Budget offers a wide variety of products meant to suit all your needs.

Budget has four type of car insurances you can choose from, depending on your car and your economy: comprehensive car insurance, third-party fire and theft, third party only and better car value.

Besides, Budget gives you the possibility to increase your third party liability cover for a small extra cost.


What does it cover against?

This is the most extensive package as it covers against theft or accidental damage to your car and damage to a third party’s property and car.

This option is recommended when you have a high-price range vehicle, when your car is new and/or when you owe part of the value of your car.


What does it cover against?

This package covers against the theft of your car, damage to your car caused by fire, and damage to third party’ car or property. It does not cover against accidental damage to your car.

This option is recommended if you have a relatively new car, which is not so expensive and you do not owe so much of it. Also, this coverage is enough if you do not use your car so frequently, and, last but not least, if you cannot afford the comprehensive plan.


What does it cover against?

This package only covers against damage to a third party’s property and car, but it is the most cost-effective coverage.

This option is recommended if your car is old, not so frequently used and totally yours.


What does it cover against?

Find the best insurance of South Africa

This is a comprehensive package with the extra benefit of replacing your car with a one-year newer car with less kilometers on the clock in case your car is written off.

This option is only available for cars that are eight years old or younger. It does not cover against written-off caused by theft, attempted theft, hijacking or attempted hijacking.

The payout goes from 15 to 40% plus the retail value of the written off car.

Value added products

You can apply to any of these extra benefits independently of the car insurance plan you have.

  • Scratch & Dent: this product covers the cost of fixing minor deficiencies that are caused by using your car everyday such as scratches, dents, and small chips. You are also granted a three year guarantee of all these repairs and delivery of your car to your door.

  • Tire & Rim Guard: this benefit is ideal if you use your car very frequently and, thus, you are a victim of South African deteriorated roads.  By subscribing to this benefit, you can make sure that your tires and rims will always be on perfect state. Besides, you will be granted a Fines Protect which checks, verifies and pursues action to reduce your fines.

  • Personal Accident: this benefit is meant to help your family in case of death, disablement or hospitalization due to an accident. Among the services included you can find spouse premium discount, hospitalization cover, children expenses’ coverage, and HIV testing and treatment after accidental exposure.

  • Funeral Plan: it includes the coverage of funeral expenses, repatriation service, and family compensation in case death was caused by HIV disease.

  • Expo-Sure: HIV testing coverage for you and your family in case of accidental exposure.

  • Cellphone Cover: coverage against theft, loss, accidental damage, water damage, and smash.

  • Legal Cover: this includes legal advice, mediation and litigation (up to R120 000 per year).  These are not only for car accident related legal issues but also for civil and family legal matters.

  • Auto Top Up: coverage for the amount you owned in case your car is written off.

  • Designated Driver Assist: two professional drivers will come to make sure you and your car get home safely. This service is ideal if you go out at night and like drinking. The limit is two trips per month and it is only available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, EastLondon, Port Elizabeth, and George.

  • Cash Back bonus: if you remain claim free for two years, you get a cash compensation.

  • Portable possession: coverage for the valuables you carry with you when travelling such as cameras, jewelry, laptops and cellphone in the event of theft, loss and damage up to a certain limit.


To get an online quote, enter and fill in the blanks with your personal information, the system will look for the lowest price insurance and will send the details to your email for you to have a reference. You can also call 0861917778 and talk to a specialized agent who will calculate your quote according to different parameters.

To determine your premium, several parameters are taken into account namely, your car’s model and make, your place of residence, where your car is kept at night, the assigned drivers, your car’s purpose, and your claims history.

Final comments

This insurer is relatively new in the market but has the enough experience to satisfy all your needs at the minor cost possible, making sure you make the most out of your inversion.

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Questions and Answers

Is it true that my marital status can affect my premium?
Yes. Married or co-habiting policy holders pose a lower risk than single or divorced people do, so the premiums vary.
If someone drives my vehicle without my consent and is involved in an accident, will Budget still pay my claim?
Yes, if you lay a criminal charge against that person within 48 hours.
Do I need to install a tracking device in my vehicle?
Yes, Budget strongly recommends that you install a tracking device in your vehicle because it increases the chances of recovering your vehicle if it is stolen.

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