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8 Simples Steps to Get the Best of Budget Car Insurance

Should I choose this company or the other? Which insurance deal is best for me? How to know when I’m making the right decision regarding vehicle insurance? Does the cover include scratch and dent cover? Do I have to pay more money for this option? All these questions that pop into our head are important and they need answers. Vehicle insurance is no easy task, especially when you are bombarded by so many options in the market. If you are looking for car insurance and you are ready to embark on one, a good option is Budget car insurance in South Africa.

How are the Budget car insurance online quotes in South Africa?

As you may already know, in order to get an online quote it is necessary to provide Budget with your data and the option you have chosen. Let us see what we can get with car insurance:

  • Comprehensive insurance: this is the whole package. It is incredibly useful and complete
  • For theft, fire and third parties: this cover allows clients to claim for specific damaged being caused on your vehicle or even the theft of it. Clients are allowed to claim for damaged that they have inflicted by accident on the property of third parties. It does not cover, though, the damage to your car that was accidental.
  • Third party only: this is ideal for those vehicles paid in full and are set at a low value in the market. You can claim for damage that you have generated to the property of other parties for which you can find yourself legally liable.
  • In this case, it does not cover for the theft of your vehicle or damages caused to it.

How does Budget insurance cancellation work in South Africa?

If you need to cancel your policy, there are two different actions you can enforce. Either you make a phone call saying that you want to cancel the insurance deal that you have with the company, or you deal with it online by providing your ID number.

Is there Budget car insurance for young drivers?

Car insurance at Budget is the same for everyone. Old driver, young drivers, they all enjoy the same benefits. They can all be part of the different discounts and enjoy different benefits. Clients car get fifteen percent cash back after having two consecutive claims (only) for a period of years for free. You will be able to save more money as you insure more. How do discounts work?

  • They are subjected to combination policies
  • You need to add combinations to the policy so that you can qualify for the special cash back bonus
  • The cash back bonus is not automatically included
  • You should check the conditions and terms that apply (standard ones)

How is the Budget car insurance coverage?

You can access car insurance coverage at Budget for your vehicle, your business and home contents. Each of these insurance deals has different features and advantages. Remember that you can access different possibilities to insure the building in which you work, for instance, or insure the vehicle you drive everyday to work. Whether it is for business purposes or simply for being covered, Budget car insurance has plenty of options.

How is the Budget comprehensive car insurance quote?

Before getting into quotes, you should know what comprehensive insurance means at Budget car insurance. Comprehensive at Budget means that you are getting the most complete package, which means that you can claim for accidental damages caused to your vehicle, your car being stolen, or damages that you may have caused by accident to the property of a third party. Now, if you need to get a quote, you can head to the official website of Budget and will find a section mainly for quotes.

  • You will be asked what you want to insure
  • Provide cell number, name and surname
  • If you have already started a quote before, you can resume it at any moment. The company will ask your ID and will send you an email to your account to get in touch with you.

How is the Budget comprehensive car insurance review?

If you need to know the comments and opinions of users and clients at Budget, continue reading:

  • “The comprehensive car insurance deal offered by Budget insurance is very complete and effective. If you pay for this service, then you do not need any other service at all”.
  • “I was able to cover all the damages against my vehicle, which turned out great for me”
  • “I accidentally caused an accident and the company made sure to cover all the damages”

Is there Budget insurance for dents and scratches?

Scratch and dent at Budget insurance is considered a value added product. Small chips, minor dents and light scratches can always have a negative impact on the value of our vehicle. We often forget about this and so the dent and scratch insurance is ideal to cover the cost of having the minor imperfections fixed. Everyday motoring may even cause them, so try to keep your vehicle new with this service.  This feature will allow you to:

  • Claim for scratches
  • Claim for pesky dents
  • Claim for chips
  • Get a guarantee that lasts three years

Is there Budget car insurance windscreen cover?

Unfortunately, the Budget car insurance service does not provide windscreen cover. Under the value added products, you will find that you count on dent and scratches cover. However, it does exclude windscreen cover since it does not cover window glass and sunroof. For this feature, you may have to turn to other companies that do offer this option.

How is Budget roadside assistance?

If you need roadside assistance, then you can hire road assist. This is one of the great benefits the company offers. If you are stuck in the middle of the road with a car that is broken down, with a petrol tank that has run out of gas, or a flat tyre, you may get nervous and stressed out. If you hire this service, you will not have to worry over these details. The company will make sure that you get the help you so desperately need. The number you can always call is 0860 10 42 11. Remember that the assistance service in case of breakdown counts with an annual limit of 3 call-outs (maximum) for each insured vehicle.

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How are the Budget car insurance reviews in South Africa?

Most reviews of Budget car insurance in South Africa have been positive.

  • “The minute I got my insurance deal I knew I had made the right decision. I decided to add cover and dent insurance, and it actually leaves your vehicle looking brand new”
  • “I added tyre and rim guard and it was incredibly beneficial for my car insurance. I wouldn’t have it any other way”
  • “The personal accident added product is pretty convenient. Although with a comprehensive insurance is already a lot, with value added products you can live at ease”.
  • “I decided to ask for vehicle and business insurance and they both turned out pretty great and effective”
  • “the options provided by the company were varied and I even accessed scratch and dent insurance by paying an added value”

Which are the main Budget car insurance benefits?

The company is mostly interested in creating possible benefits for you and your family. The benefits are meant for your home, car or even business. You can pick from a lot of options at your disposal that range from earning cash back to getting important discounts. These are the benefits given by Budget car insurance:

  • Assist benefits
  • Cash back bonus
  • Expo-sure
  • Bundles
  • Biz assist

If you pick the option assist benefits, you will discover a whole new world of advantages made just for you. You will be able to obtain road assist, home assist, trauma assist, medical assist, legal assist, and entertainment assist. Besides, you have other benefits such as personal loans, cash back bonus, you can manage you own policy, among other options.

How is the Budget business car insurance?

This sort of insurance has been designed in order to fit very specific needs of the business you run. The company offers businesspeople sets and combination of different traditional policies to make sure that the business is running smoothly with the proper insurance. What does it include?

  • The motor cover against theft, loss or damage for your business vehicle
  • In case there is damage or loss of the business’s buildings, it offers buildings cover for those structures.
  • Fire cover for any kind of damaged caused to machinery, buildings, fittings, equipments and tools, fixtures, materials and stock, miscellaneous items, etc.
  • It covers for office contents
  • In case there is damage or loss of business property, there is a cover for business interruption
  • In case your financial records are destroyed or lost, you will be able to count on receivable compensation in case you are unable to trace back the amounts that were owed to you
  • You will count on electronic equipment cover, specially for software that is licensed for business reasons  
  • It will cover for business goods in case they are stolen

Is there a Budget car insurance office in Durban?

The company, unluckily, operates mainly online so it does not have offices in South Africa or a branch locator on its website. However, you can get in touch by visiting its main office in Dainfern or leave your personal information so that they can reach you.

Is there a Budget car insurance office in Cape Town?

Just like in Durban, the company does not have offices in South Africa. It does have, though, in Australia, Singapore and United Kingdom (head offices mainly). You can call the company by phone and ask about your possibilities for having a personal meeting with members of Budget insurance.

Which are Budget car insurance contact details?

If you need to contact Budget car insurance, you can call to different numbers for carrying different operations:

  • If you need to reach the new customer sales, call up 0861 00 13 53
  • If you want to reach the already Existing Customer Services, Sales, and Claims, you should call up 0861 60 01 20
  • In case you have an accident or emergency, then you can contact the Emergency Assistance that is available twenty four hours a day at 0860 10 42 11

As regards opening hours, you can get in touch with Budget car insurance at different times of the day. From Mondays to Fridays, you can visit the company from 7am to 6pm. On Saturdays, it is available from 7am to 2pm. On Sundays it is always closed and during public holidays, it is available from 8am to 5pm.

Is car insurance Budget a good alternative in South Africa?

Although it does not offer windscreen cover, Budget car insurance is a convenient company since it offers alternatives for business insurance, vehicle insurance and home insurance. Here are some details that can help you with Budget. Remember that agents are there to help you out in case you have any doubt or you need help to carry out a process.

Requirements Simply call the company to tell your desire and the company will estimate a budget
Telephone 0860 10 42 11
Business Insurance It provides cover for different features related to your business

Remember that this very complete agency also offers you the possibility to insure vehicles that do not include cars. There are always outdoor needs to cover, such as caravan insurance, trailer insurance, watercraft insurance, and off the road vehicles that include 4x4 insurance. Check your options and the vehicle you want to ensure. If you have already made up your mind of what you want, then simply get in touch with Budget and have your vehicle insured as soon as possible.

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Questions and answers

Am I allowed to pay two premiums together if I fall behind?

No, but Budget has a possible solution if you miss the pay day. You should contact Budget to set aside another pay day, as a Special Deduction. Bear in mind, this solution will only change the pay day to make it more convenient to you. However, if you miss a payment, you won’t have coverage on that period.

Hi can I get one month break of my premium?

We are not aware of the possibility of Budget Car Insurance giving payment breaks on their premiums. However, if you are finding it hard to get by and cannot pay for your premium, you should contact the company to ask for a repayment schedule in order to avoid losing your coverage.

If someone drives my vehicle without my consent and is involved in an accident, will Budget still pay my claim?

Yes, if you lay a criminal charge against that person within 48 hours.

Do I need to install a tracking device in my vehicle?

Yes, Budget strongly recommends that you install a tracking device in your vehicle because it increases the chances of recovering your vehicle if it is stolen.

Is it true that my marital status can affect my premium?

Yes. Married or co-habiting policy holders pose a lower risk than single or divorced people do, so the premiums vary.

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