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Is there Auto and General Car Insurance in Pretoria?

In the following article I will devote the different paragraphs to talking about a company whose car insurances you are interested in getting: Auto and General. This company is at present situated in Pretoria, which is a condition more than enough to be considered as one of the options when trying to protect your car.


What is this company about?

   This is a company that has opened its offices in South Africa about twenty years ago and since then has developed complete type of car insurances for the population of the whole country. One of the greatest benefits is that it not only allows the insuring of cars but also any other kind of motor vehicle you possess, such as a caravan, a trailer and also a bike.

What type of car insurances will I find?


   This is just like other companies, an option that offers complete shelter for you and your car. It can cover a wide array of caused such as accidents, minor incidents wherever you are, disasters created by nature and so on.

What are its features?

-Protecting the client when trying to pay stowing service

-Protecting the client when pulling their cars

-Against accidental damage

-Against intentional damage

-Repairs included


   This constitutes a car insurance that will cover the driver in Pretoria in the situations that are described in its name: fire, robberies and also when a third party is present in the incident and is responsible for the damages to your vehicle.

   This sort of car insurance includes protection against hijacking, thefts, content that is robbed, new wheels for your car, compensation against damages to someone else and more. You have also the chance of increasing the type of car insurance given and by that I mean that you can be given more protection by paying more money each month.

And, now the last insurance I need to talk about:


   This is an insurance that I consider just ideal if you are the type of client that is not really worried about possible damages to your vehicle, but you are when it comes to damages to another person´s vehicle. So, the other person that is considered by insuring companies the Third party, is given protection it deserves by paying the whole expenses or damages to its vehicle.

Moreover, I should stress the fact that the client at the moment of the application can ask for protection against content that is located in its home, so that if something happens to the place you live, then you can restore the content found inside of it with no problem at all.


   I am sure you never heard of this insurance and the reason is that it is quite new for all clients since it offers a cover that enables the writing off go vehicles of that the client can access to a newer car for the same price than the one paid for the first car.


-TOP UP: enables the client to obtain more money to insure their car and that gives the client the chance of not losing the initial deposit that has been made. It is a great opportunity of covering the value of the vehicle and the deposit carried out. What is more, you end up at the end financing less money because the deposit would be of just 10% of the value of your current car.

-SCRATCH COVER: that means that your vehicle is insured and given maximum protection when someone else made scratches or has left marks on your car and you don’t know how to afford them

-Mechanical breakdown: obtaining as many repairs your car needs for a good value, since the company has many agreement with the cheapest mechanic factories.

-TYRE REPAIR: this is another awesome service your car can take advantage of, since Auto and General can provide them with a replacement of the tire of the vehicle and also allow them to make many claims at once. And together with this benefit, more benefits are obtainable, such as the fact of getting the oil you need for your car that can be gasoline or Diesel, for a really good price.

   Now that I have just talked about the gasoline, I must mention that Diesel is the type of oil recommended since your Car will function in the better way possible and it surely means saving more money, since the car will be able to be driven with the least amount of Diesel possible. What is more, you are protecting the environment, since it is the top gasoline that less damages the place where you live. So, you get plenty of benefits by making a change regarding gasoline.

Getting a quote

   If you would really like to obtain a detailed quote for a car you are interested in, then you must know that Auto and General has developed an online form that enables clients to complete with simple data about themselves and then a representative of the company connects with them to clarify doubts and guide them in the procedure.

You can also obtain a quote in person, which is why I consider that the following chart can be quite useful when it comes to going to a branch in person in Pretoria:

ContactAuto and GeneralinPretoria


Cheery Len S CORONEL, IN Fehrsen Street. Area of Muckleneuk

Email address

Phone Number

012 452 3000


Business times are allowed

Online services

Calculator and simple quote

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  Summing up, if you are interested in giving cover to your vehicle in Pretoria, then Auto and General can turn out to be a great ally for you in the process. You will find more than 3 insurances available, to be chosen by you based on your financial and personal circumstances.

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Questions and answers

Is the online form the only way I can get a quote from them?

No, in fact you can go their office or you can phone them.

I really want to take care of my budget but at the same time insure my car in the best way possible, what do you recommend choosing?

The cheapest option is the third party only insurance

Will the company replace the accessories in my car?

It depends on the kind of insurance you have selected and the accessories that were written off

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