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How Can I Get Auto and General Car Insurance in Bloemfontein?

Nowadays, carinsurance has become one of the main needs in life that helps you get ready for unexpected incidents.  Auto and General, as one of the leading carinsurance companies in the market, is here to eliminate the stress and anxiety that their clients go through when dealing with such episodes on the road.  This company does not only offer carinsurances but also different products that are very helpful to their clients in everyday situations.

Products that guarantee the best insurance

  • Auto top-up:  clients always find themselves asking “Why if I lose all the deposit I made for my car?” And here is the perfect product to make you save money and reduce that stress.  Auto top-up covers the difference that exists between the cost of your vehicle and the deposit you paid at first.  That means that you will pay much more less money, since that corresponds to your initial deposit or the 10% of the insured value of your vehicle. B)

  • Scratch and dent cover:  this is the perfect service if you always dealing with accidental damages to your car such as small dents, big scratches and chips that are very annoying. Auto and General guarantees that if you choose this product your car will be kept in perfect conditions. And as I mentioned before, it covers chips, light scratches, minor dents and any other repair for three years.

  • Mechanical breakdown: It is so annoying when you are driving and your vehicle stops working out of the blue. Want a solution?  The mechanical breakdown is in charge of any financial charge that the breakdown generates. Pay attention to what it covers:  electrical or mechanical failures that occur to the steering, the engine, gearbox, fuel system, cooling system, air conditioner, prop and drive shafts and electronic ignition.

  • Tyre and Rim guard:  as you know, South African roads are not in a perfect state as they should be and that creates serious damages to people`s vehicles. The same happens with potholes, they are everywhere! So what happens? The vehicle`s tires and rims are damaged.  This guard covers for all the parts that need to be replaced after such damages. Together with this product you get the “Fines protect”. This is a track service that helps the drivers to track traffic lines. How does it function? Each line is monitored and you receive notifications with information about the roads.

Now.. Let’s talk about the four different carinsurance options:

  • Third party only insurance:  this is the cheapest carinsurance that Auto and General offers. You get two benefits with these cover:

  • -Accidental property damage

  • -Increasing your third party cover

  • This option is recommended if you possess a vehicle that has a low value in the market and you have already paid it off. However, you should take into account that this insurance does not cover cases of loss, theft or damage caused by an accident.

  • Third party fire and theft insurance: in case there is fire damage or theft, you are protected with this cover.  Also in cases of unintentional damage caused to a third party.

  • This is what you get:

  • -Protection against theft and hijacking: Auto and General will replace the wheels of your vehicle if it happens to be stolen or hijacked.

  • -Protection against damage to a third party property:  if you have caused accidental damage to someone else`s vehicle and you are worried about having to pay them, don’t. The company will cover for all those costs. 

  • -Increase your third party cover.

  • Better car value insurance:  Auto and General is willing to replace your car with a new model or with one that has lees kilometers than yours, as long as you have already written off your vehicle. Want more? Your car can also be replaced with the same model but one year newer.   Excellent news, don’t you think?

  • Comprehensive insurance:  it covers accidental damage that you cause to your vehicle as well as third party claims. It is the most complete carinsurance and now you will see why.

  • It covers the following:

  • Towing and storage: the company pays for the storage of the car and the towing of it if you had an accident.

  • Accidental damage: if someone accidentally damaged your vehicle, that person will be in charge of paying all the replacement and repairing costs.

  • Theft and Hijacking: if somebody hijacked or robbed your automobile, you can ask the Auto and General to pay the charges of replacing the wheels of your car.

  • Death or injury of a third party: imagine you are in a serious accident where someone dies or gets injured. In such case, you are fully covered since the company will cover for the legal advice and the medical assistance.

  • Damage to a third party property: if you accidentally damaged someone`s property, the company will cover for all the replacements.

  •  Accessories:  Auto and General will replace every accessory that belongs to your car, including the sound system.

  • And last but not least…..

  • Chance of raising your third party cover: if you are dissatisfied with the amount you are covered for, you can increase your third party cover. Of course, this will make you feel safer.

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Questions and answers

How do I know the value of my car in order to choose the correct insurance?

The company will give you an estimated market value of your car, through a valuation.

Is the towing covered in all cases?

The comprehensive insurance covers for the costs of towing.

How does the company know the accessories that belonged to my car so that they can replace them?

Before insuring your car you make a list with all those accessories.

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