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Where Can I Find AIG Car Insurance in Durban?

Do you reside in or near Durban and are you looking for car insurance from AIG? Then you will be happy to hear that American International Group (AIG) has one of its main branches in the area of Durban. In this article, you will be able to find some contact information for the main branch located in Durban and, then, we will also provide you with some general information about AIG insurance products available in the area of Durban.

Main AIG Location in Durban, South Africa

Unfortunately, there is one single branch from AIG for those customers residing in the area of Durban; however, there is no need to visit the branch in order to get the information you need or in order to get a free quote. For those residing in the area of Durban and looking for high quality car insurance, this branch is located at the address 1st Floor, Lincoln on The Lake, 2 The High Street, Parkside,Umhlanga Ridge, 4319, Durban, South Africa. You can visit this branch during weekdays and, if you cannot visit the branch personally, you can still reach one of the representatives of this branch over the phone, via fax or via e-mail. AIG representatives are generally extremely friendly and helpful and they will certainly be able to answer all your questions as regards car insurance or any other type of insurance you might be looking for. In order to contact one of the representatives of this branch over the phone, please dial out the number 27 31 584 0450. You can also send your claims or your questions about AIG car insurance options to one of the representatives at this location via fax, to the fax number27 31 566 1556, and also via e-mail to the e-mail address

Why Should You Choose AIG Insurance?

Taking into account the great number of insurance companies that are currently selling insurance products all across South Africa, you might be wondering what it so good about AIG insurance for you to choose AIG as your preferred insurance company for your car.

Of course there are excellent insurance options in the market and AIG is just one of them. With AIG you can insure both your personal and business life; AIG insurance offers a personal line of products and a business line of products that will enable you to get the peace of mind that you need. Hundreds of customers in South Africa and thousands of customers around the globe choose AIG insurance, which is an international highly recognized insurance company, to protect their cars, their homes, their family and their businesses. AIG South Africa is one of the companies that make up the American International Group, Inc. (AIG), which sells insurance products in several other countries in almost every continent. In South Africa, AIG has been operating since 1962 and it has a number of offices in the areas of Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and, of course, in the area of Durban and it has managed to build a strong market during the last 4 or 5 decades.

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What Are the Coverage Options Available at AIG?

Some of the coverage options available at AIG car insurance in the area of Durban include:

- Third Party Liability Coverage: That pays for all the legal bills that you might be incurred in as a result of an accident that you are responsible for and this includes lawyers and insurance companies’ fees as well as any lump sum as a way of compensation that you might be obliged to pay to the other party.

- Comprehensive Coverage: This coverage pays for damages to your vehicle no matter what has caused them; whether it has been the fact that you were involved in an accident or any other event that does not involve collision, such as theft, fire, natural disasters and storms.

- Motorcycle coverage: This is the coverage you should ask your agent for is you are willing to insure your motorcycle with AIG insurance and enjoy the excellent benefits that AIG insurance offers for their customers driving a motorcycle.

- Rental Reimbursement coverage: This option, if it is included in your policy, is a quite expensive option but the benefit of rental reimbursement is that if you happen to be involved in an accident, AIG insurance will pay for a car rental or will reimburse a part of the money you spend on a rental car while your own vehicle is being fixed at the shop.

- Medical Expenses: This is a quite common expense after any kind of car accident and medical and hospital expenses can be quite high sometimes so if you are willing to get these expenses covered in the future, you should include the medical expenses coverage in your car insurance policy.

However, what makes AIG insurance special is their Motor Accident Plus car insurance coverage option that includes coverage for other further damages or expenses that may result from an accident you might be involved in; some of these expenses can be accidental death, long-term disability payment and high hospital bills after car accident.

Other Insurance Options Available in Durban

If you still think that AIG is not the car insurance you need for your vehicle, here are some other options available in the area of Durban that you can take into consideration. As we have mentioned before, there are several options in the insurance market available for the residents of the area of Durban; however, we are going to mention just a couple of the main companies in this area and these companies are the following ones:

CCA Insurance Brokers, which can be reached at the number 031 716 6000 or the e-mail, OUTsurance, which you can contact at the number 08 600 60 000, and Alexander Forbes, for which you can request and online quote on the company’s website. You can also find more information about the products offered by these three companies on each of their websites.

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Questions and answers

Where can I get a free quote?

You request a free quote on AIG's website.

Is AIG available in Cape Town?

Certainly, there is an office in Cape Town.

I live in East London, Can I go to the office in Durban?

Yes. You can get in touch with them and find out if they offer products in your area.

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