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What Are the Benefits of AIG Car Insurance? Reviews

AIG Insurance

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Benefits of AIG Car Insurance

AIG knows that choosing the right car insurance for your vehicle can be hard sometimes and that getting good rates for your car insurance is not an easy task. That is the reason why AIG offers good quality car insurance at excellent rates in several areas of South Africa and it has been selling its insurance products in South Africa and around the world for several years.

AIG Insurance offers comprehensive car insurance that can be adapted to your insurance needs and AIG Insurance is committed to providing its customers with protection for them, their passengers and their vehicles.

Another good aspect about AIG car insurance is that you can insure not only your own vehicle but also any rental cars or leased cars. Any vehicle under your name can be protected against damage by accident, fire or theft.

Another excellent benefit of AIG car insurance is that you can pay your insurance policy in full or in installments and there are different payment options you may use to cancel your policy payments, such as cash, debit, credit, or check.

Besides, it is good to take into account that AIG Insurance does not only offer car insurance but also other insurance types and this means you may have a significant discount if you hold more than one policy; for example, if you insure your car and your home or your car and your shop, you may get a good discount depending on your policy and on the area where you live. For special discounts you should always contact an AIG representative and find out more about current promotions and discounts. Do not miss the chance of saving some money on you insurance policy.

And, finally, something that is essential for any company to succeed is expansion; and AIG insurance has succeeded in expanding across South Africa, which is actually a huge benefit because it means that you can have access to AIG insurance option no matter what province you live in or which are within that province you reside at.

What happens if your vehicle gets stolen or damaged?

If something like that happens, then, under your AIG policy, you will get the coverage you need to repair or replace your car. During the period of your car insurance policy, AIG will pay for all the repairs and, if your car is claimed as total loss, it will provide you with the money to pay for a new vehicle according to the current market value of the damaged or stolen car, at the time when you file your insurance claim. What’s great about AIG car insurance is that, while your claim is being handled and your car is being repaired or replaced, you will be able to have access to a rental car but you need to remember to add the car hire option if you are interested in having a car available in case yours is stolen or damaged. On the other hand, when it comes to legal and medical expenses resulting from an accident, AIG insurance will certainly help you pay for those bills generated by you or your passengers at the time of the accident if you happen to be responsible for an accident.

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AIG Car Insurance Reviews

You might be wondering how you can be sure that AIG is actually a good car insurance option for your vehicle or whether it is the right car insurance company for you. Well, in that case, a smart move can consist of having a look at what other customers say about AIG insurance company based on their previous or current experiences. There are hundreds of reviews online and, if you search for references about AIG insurance, you will certainly find some negative comments and some positive comments. Of course, opinions are subject to each individual’s ideas and what some customers find good about AIG insurance may not be that good for others. What is important is that you find out about the benefits of AIG car insurance options and also about some of the weaknesses of the company (because nobody is perfect!) and, consequently, you take the necessary precautions to avoid having the same negative experiences.

Some of the benefits of AIG insurance company are that the members of its staff are highly trained to provide you with all the advice and have all the insurance information you need in order to make the correct decision as regards your car insurance company. Other customers have also claimed that AIG insurance has good rates taking into account the quality of the service offered and compared to the rates of other insurance companies available in South Africa.

As regards claims, customers do not generally complain and it seems that AIG car insurance claims go smoothly and are generally solve within a period of 30 days maximum. AIG insurance operates with its own shops for repairs but you can also get quotes from your regular mechanic shop.

Among the few negative comments we have found online, we can mention the fact that some customers have claimed that representatives from AIG insurance sometimes are not too helpful or friendly, but we consider this a minor detail because all companies generally have issues related to customer service and employees’ manners. And of course, we do not think regular customer service affects the quality of the car insurance offered by AIG Insurance all over South Africa.

How can I get in touch with AIG can insurance?

If you are interested in getting AIG car insurance for your vehicle, you can get in touch with a representative right now by calling the number 0860 967 537. You can also fill out the online form available on the company’s website and a representative from AIG car insurance will get in touch with you as soon as possible and help you get an accurate quote for your car insurance.

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Can I add a vehicle if already hold a policy?

You can get a policy at any time.

How can I get a quote for my Toyota?

You can get it over the phone or at a local office.

Is there any website where I can check their rates?

You can compare rates on our website or you can call the company and request a quote.

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