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Is AIG Car Insurance Available in Johannesburg?

Are you looking for affordable car insurance in the area of Johannesburg? Then, AIG Insurance, one of the companies of the American, International Group, is an excellent option because it offers good quality car insurance at a reasonable rate for those living in the area of Johannesburg.

In the next section, you will be able to find some general information about the car insurance options offered by AIG Insurance and also some contact information in case you are interested in visiting your local branch in Johannesburg.

AIG Car Insurance Options

AIG Insurance is currently offering a wide variety of coverage options for the residents of the area of Johannesburg. At AIG Insurance, you can protect both your personal and your business life. AIG is chosen by thousands of customers in South Africa and all over the world because AIG Insurance is an international highly recognized insurance company that helps its customers get the peace of mind the need and to protect their cars, their homes, their family and their businesses.

Some of the coverage option you can have access to if you choose AIG Insurance as your car insurance are the following:

- Third Party Liability Coverage:

Third party liability pays for all the legal expenses that you might have to pay as a result of an accident if you are legally responsible for it; some of these expenses include lawyers’ bills, insurance companies’ fees, and compensations that you might be obliged to pay to the other party.

- Comprehensive Coverage:

Comprehensive coverage pays for damages to your vehicle when you are involved in an accident or any other event that does not involve collision; some of these events may include theft, fire, natural disasters and storms.

- Motorcycle coverage:

Motorcycle coverage is useful for those customers who are willing to insure their motorcycles with AIG insurance and would like to enjoy the excellent benefits that AIG insurance offers for their customers driving motorcycles.

- Rental Reimbursement coverage:

Rental Reimbursement is the option you should add to your policy if you are willing to count on a rented vehicle whenever you are involved in an accident. If you add the rental reimbursements to your policy, AIG insurance will pay for a car rental, similar to the car you have insured, while your vehicle is being fixed at the shop or for a part of the rental expenses.

- Medical Expenses:

Medical expenses are the most common expense resulting from an accident. After car accidents, the driver responsible for the accident sometimes need to pay for medical and hospital expenses that can be quite high; if you are not willing to pay for these expenses in the future, you should include the medical expenses coverage in your car insurance policy with AIG insurance.

-Motor Accident Plus

This is the coverage option that makes AIG insurance such a good car insurance choice. Motor Accident Plus includes coverage for any further damages or expenses that you may have to pay for after an accident; some of these extra expenses can include accidental death, long-term disability payment and high hospital bills, among others.

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If you have any further questions about AIG car insurance option, please make sure you contact a local representative from AIG Insurance over the phone or via e-mail. You can also find out more about AIG car insurance options and, most important, about car insurance rates on their website, where you can even ask for a free quote for your vehicle specifically.

AIG Insurance Main Office in Johannesburg

As you already know, AIG Insurance is available for those customers residing in the area of Johannesburg. The main AIG Insurance office in the area of Johannesburg is located in the area of Parktown. You can visit this office in Johannesburg personally and the office is located at the address 10 Queens Road, Parktown, 2193, Johannesburg, South Africa. You can also reach this AIG Insurance branch over the phone and their office telephone number is +27 (0)11 551 8000/1. There is also a toll free number you can contact and that number is 086 148 8864.

Other Insurance Options Available in Johannesburg

If you do not think that AIG Insurance is a good option for getting insurance for your car, here are some other insurance company that are currently operating in the area of Johannesburg.

A) Zurich Insurance Company South Africa:

Zurich Insurance Company is an international insurance company that is available in South Africa and you can get in touch with this insurance company over the phone at the number +27 11 370 9111. If you want to visit your local branch personally, please go to Zurich Insurance Company’s office in Johannesburg, located at the address 15 Marshall St, Johannesburg, 2001. Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the representatives at Zurich Insurance Company during office hours or through their website at any time.

B) PPS Insurance

Another excellent insurance company where you can get car insurance for your vehicle is PPS Insurance. This insurance company is a local insurance company whose main office can be found at the address Arcay House, 03 Anerley Rd, Johannesburg, 2193. You can also get in touch with one of the representatives at PPS Insurance over the phone at the number +27 11 644 4200. PPS Insurance is famous for their great customer service and their representatives are local residents who will surely understand your insurance needs.

C) The Hollard Insurance Company

Finally, the last insurance company we would like to include in this list is The Hollard Insurance Company, which is also an international insurance company that has local offices in the area of Johannesburg. The address to the main office for this company is 22 Oxford Rd, Johannesburg, 2140, and you can get in touch with one of the representatives at The Hollard Insurance Company’s main office by dialing out the number +27 11 351 5000. Remember that the working hours at this office are Monday to Friday from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.

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I cannot get in touch with them over the phone and I need to file a claim. How can I reach them?

You can visit the closest office or you can file a claim online.

Do you happen to know if they have any branches in Durban?

Yes, they do have a branch in the area of Durban.

Are all these coverage options obligatory? Can I get a cheaper policy?

These are some of the options available; however, only some of them are compulsory depending on the area where you live.

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