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How Good Is AIG Insurance? Ratings

AIG Insurance Brief

As regards international ratings, AIG South Africa holds several awards. In 2013, AIG South Africa obtained an award granted by one of the most popular International Ratings Agencies, the Standard and Poor’s (S&P). This agency gave AIG South Africa a zaAA+ rating, which is the highest rating an insurance company can obtain in South Africa. Managing Director of AIG South Africa at that time proudly announced the award and said this award reflects the strength and commitment of the company as one the global leaders in the insurance market nowadays.

AIG insurance offers a wide range of traditional insurance products as well as innovative services which are based on their vast experience and ability to cater for the needs of their clients in South Africa and worldwide.

Their trustworthiness is certified by their worldwide presence, serving millions of clients in a huge number of countries. AIG insurance is generally called the “grandfather of all insurance companies” since its foundation took place in the United States a long way back in 1912. AIG Insurance was born in the United States but rapidly expanded overseas and landed in South Africa 50 years after its foundation, in1962. Since that time, AIG South Africa has been offering car insurance, accident insurance, health insurance and business insurance and has continued expanding within South Africa, reaching vast areas in almost every province.

The headquarters in South Africa are located in Johannesburg in the province of Guateng at the address 10 Queens Road, Parktown, Johannesburg. However, you can also find branches in other provinces, such as in the cities of Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria

AIG Insurance Reviews

After getting to know a little bit about the history of this multinational company, let’s have a look at some of the reviews that can be found online and that, in a way, reflect the level of service and the quality of the products offered by this multinational company, particularly across South Africa.

It is important to highlight that, although a high percentage of the reviews are negative, it is also true that people generally take time to leave reviews about companies when those reviews are negative. Clients do not generally take time to write after having a positive experience with a company.

Having said that, we can share with you the fact that more than half of the reviews found online for AIG insurance are negative. Some of the customers who have had a bad experience with AIG mainly claim that they were not happy with the service and some of them mentioned having problems with receiving responses from the company, problems with their contracts and also problems regarding billing or accounts.

Although these reviews are quite subjective and probably not all complaints are real or do not reflect reality, AIG Insurance is a company one would certainly expect to provide a better service than what some clients describe online.

Find the best insurance of South Africa

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Being a multinational company is not an easy task and it is also true that there are many other insurance companies competing with AIG Insurance in the South African insurance market. Besides, we believe this company’s experience should help it aim at the highest quality standards of service for their local and global customers in the same way.

Another negative comment about AIG Insurance is that, in many cases, this company does not cover for a rental car after a vehicle accident or a car theft while your car is at the repair shop or during the waiting period until you receive the car replacement.

Some of the positive comments about this company have to do with the fact that, being a multinational company, AIG Insurance is always able to cover for repair costs and pays all claims, no matter the amount. The company has a network of repair shops that ensure that your vehicle will be repaired as soon as possible, which also a convenient aspect when we think of accident claims specifically.

Moreover, rates at AIG Insurance are something clients are also happy about. Their economic strength enables AIG Insurance to offer really competitive rates and a wide range of additional services at no cost to the client insuring his/her vehicle. Some of these additional benefits include an online platform to download claim forms, ask questions, request help or pay your premiums. Car insurance quotes can also be requested online and, generally, an AIG customer service or sales representative gets in touch with the clients who request quotes within a couple of days, which saves you quite a lot of time and money since you can request and get a quote without the need of leaving your home at all.

Benefits of AIG Insurance

Taking all these comments into account, we could say that AIG Insurance is a company you can certainly trust for your car protection. Their products and services have one of the highest quality standards in the market and are actually not that expensive if quality is what you are seeking for. We also recommend you to speak to one the company’s representative before purchasing your vehicle insurance; specialist can help you find out if AIG insurance has the right coverage for you and can also assist you better understand the whole quoting and insuring process so that there are no surprises later on. You also need to be on the lookout to avoid any inconveniences regarding billing, coverage or services; the more questions you ask, less problems you will have in the future. And remember that, if you cannot make up your mind regarding AIG Insurance, you can always call them and have all your questions answered. It might also be an excellent idea to find out more about other insurance companies online or other articles like this one and compare rates, services and reviews to help you decide about the insurance company and product that suits your car insurance needs and that is appropriate for your pocket as well.

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Questions and answers

Where can I find a local branch?

To find out about local branches, you can call their customer service number showed in their website.

Are there any discounts for students?

There are no discounts available on their website. However, you can find out more by contacting their customer service line.

Is AIG better that other local companies?

AIG has some of the advantages of a multinational company that local companies generally do no have, such as economic strength. However, there are excellent local insurance companies available.

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